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Cherry Blossom Festival

photo at abpan.com

It`s that time of year again! The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing now. Full of dancing, food, and other entertainment, it is the highlight of any Spring D.C. tourist`s visit.

I am so lucky, to live in D.C. To be able to walk around campus,or down the street, and see the treasured cherry blossoms. I`m just so very privileged! If you get a chance, try to visit Japan or D.C. when the cherry blossoms are blooming. It is a gorgeous sight!

Photo at amtravel.com

The Japanese have festivals and picnics to celebrate the blooming of these gorgeous trees. There is a festival around me as well! The Cherry Blossom Festival attracts thousands of visitors each year to bask in the blooms and enjoy the Japanese embassy and other groups join together to create this rather humongous event. It is always fun for the tourists, though some locals tend to dread it. (Mainly because we already have the worst traffic congestion and accidents in the country without any extra gawkers to plug up the flailing system!)

*featured image from livnglivlier

What are your cherry blossom photos and experiences? Tell me all about it, I really want to know!




  1. I love cherry blossom! I’m so lucky to have a cherry plum tree in my garden, it is pretty much the first thing to start flowering up in Spring (and a good natural reminder to start taking my hayfever medication) and most years it gived fruit that makes wonderful jam. I’d so love to travel to Japan one day. It’s certainly on my bucket list.

    1. I`m actually planning on visiting Japan for a year after I get my bachelor`s. I really like the cherry blossom trees, though I think I get a little jaded about them because I always see them. Sort of like some of my Alaskan friends get bored about eagles, or suburbanites get bored of deer. You see something too often, and you tend to lose your awe. But I still think they are lovely when I bother to think about them!

    1. It sounds amazing! DC gets really dressed up for their version as well, but I feel like it has gotten to be a bit too crowded in the last few years. If you visit the area, I suggest you look at the cherry blossoms in the greater DC area, instead of in the tourist central area. That means Arlington, Fairfax county, Loudon, and the like.

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