Robbing From the Rich (No, This isn`t Politics)

Big Fashion Has Been Letting You Down

Vogue has been telling you for quite a bit what is in for this Spring. Unfortunately, their editors only live in a few select cities, and they don`t really know what most people wear. I read the magazine a lot, but it always disappoints me a little how far off base they tend to be. I mean, the stuff they show is so often either last season, or last decade! I don`t think I`ve picked up a single issue in the last few years that wasn`t either 80`s or 90`s. What a fashion blunder, and how such a frequent one! I would be so ashamed to wear some of that stuff. Color blocking is nineties, people. It is color dipping that we do instead now. Mixed metals are so last decade, as well! We are all about complementary metals now: brass with gold, silver with zinc, and so on. It is frustrating enough to make me want to cut my nails. (Brutally short is nineties, super long is eighties, black polish is early 2,000.) Speaking of, the trend is 5 centimeters of pink, 2 centimeters of white tips, rounded square shape.

Don`t even get me started on people that are still wearing ripped jeans. It doesn`t say rugged, trendy, or country- it says wannabe. That period ended in 2010, and now it is just a zombie fashion: no matter how hard the truly fashionable try to shoot it down, it keeps rising, trying to feed off the creativity and innate fashionista in each member of the population. (You bet guys can be fashionistas as well, they are just called handsome instead. Or fashionisto, but that seems a little awkward. Well, I think it`s fashionisto. My Latin and Spanish are rough, to say the least.) I know, I rant about the failings of major fashion communicators a lot, but it is a problem dear to my soul.

Spring`s Real Trend: Robin Hood Style

So, in an effort to help right the wrongs, I`m here to report what is really on the rise. Fashion this Spring is still recalling older times, but it reaches back a bit further than the end of the last century. Actually, it goes back several centuries ago. Because this season is seeing the return of the ‘peasant’ style, with a few kick ass additions to wow and awe. This season is actually all about Robin Hood daring do, so leave your fluffy bunnies and cute floral prints in the closet. Or, if you can`t resist, restrain yourself to Easter or Passover. Lace is still in, so you can feel free to add a few little flirty accents. Our key colors will be yellow, brown, and darker green, so forget the last few decades that were all about neons. That`s over and done with. This isn`t a super cute look, a super edgy look, or anything else that is too extreme, so it should be a look that everyone can live with. And if you can`t stand to go more crazy than black and white, push yourself only a little by utilizing  brown and perhaps some white, and only add a tiny pop of color in buttons or a headband.

Here`s how this is going to work. I`m going to give you a super trendy option, and a low key option, so you can pick and choose different elements and make this one work for the level of stand-outedness you can handle.

Wrist Candy

Studded leather archery guards, custom made, courtesy of Huffington Post. Style Watch: seen in Spain. (Which happens to have been at a political demonstration. See how Fashion can move the world!)

                                                                         Some leather on the arms is completely necessary this Spring. It is the thing to do. The rest is what helps pull it all together, but this is the key piece to base every outfit your wear this season on.

If you want to add a bit of the sweetness you usually expect for Spring, feel free to add some lace and leather fingerless gloves.

Just go for understated for the rest of your outfit to avoid looking like a Con escapee!

Apparently, most stores are behind the times as well. Perhaps that is because they depend on these

Upcycled leather jean tag cuff. At Bella Tosoro Jewelry`s Etsy shop.

Upcycled leather jean tag cuff. At Bella Tosoro Jewelry`s Etsy shop.

now dinosaur like fashion authorities to tell them what to stock. In any case, before you wear any shoes, I caution you to leave your moccasins aside. Maybe those were cool last year, but they are dead now. They have gone to meet

their maker, and won`t appreciate bei

ng taken out of your closet again for at least five years. They`ve developed roots, and they are staying put. Have you not noticed that it seems to be the shoe of choice for most people to wear every day? In case you can`t tell by my little rant, this trend is over.

The forest boot has just begun, though. Currently found only in history geek stores and the internet (read: Renaissance fair addicts) these will pop up all over by the end of the year. That is because they are the look du jour, and never mind the nerdier applications.


This season`s boot style has no fringe, no cow girl paisley. Please don`t ignore my advice and break those things out! Use a colorful ballet flat as your variety shoe.

Oxfords are still a good bet if you want shoes that will stay 'in'. To modernize, try a bright pair like this one from Milanoo.

To modernize classic oxfords, try a bright pair like this one from Milanoo.

Here we have two options, neither of which stand out to me as too obnoxious, though I tend to be a little braver with my style than most.

As it is, though, these are some good ideas for this year`s footwear. Victorian style shoes were a little trendy and under ground last year, but this year we have mainly focused our need for retro on Oxfords, like the flamboyant pair to the right. If you want a more modern and on-trend shoe, the robin hood style boots at the left are just the right thing. I tend to think that they aren`t too scary to wear even for the most sheepish of fashionistas.

If you want to trend on the cheap, shoe clips are also coming back. This little yellow rosette pair at Etsy will dress up a pair of basic ballet flats, while ensuring you don`t look like you are dressing for Halloween! (It says it is for bridal, but don`t let others limit your imagination!)


The pattern provides that modern touch you need.

There is a tie, and I suppose this is rathe evocative of the time period as well. Just be sure the pattern is as modern as this one if you are going to skip the lacing and include fancy sleeves.

There is a tie, and I suppose this is rather evocative of the time period as well.

The main element to look for on shirts is one that will lace up the top few inches at the neckline. You don`t want all over lacing, like the deceased corset shirts. You also want to avoid a plain white shirt, as that would make it look too campy. Look for a modern and upbeat pattern, like this cutie I found on E-Bay.

If you like the look of the blouse on the right, just be sure that Just be sure the pattern is as modern as this one if you are going to skip the lacing and include fancy sleeves. The black adds that truly modern look that really seems to define this last decade, and is still applicable now. This shirt was at Blue Fly, but it seems to be all out now, so I guess you`ll have to apply the concepts when you search for something similar on Google.

For the shirt on the left, I`m almost certain stock is all out by now. It was selling on Ebay, but I know this site is where it was originally sold.  Be sure to avoid a bunch of embroidery, ruffles, or flowing bell sleeves, as that is more hippie than modern.


Splurge on dark green leather tights at Nordstroms, or go for tights in brown, green, or leather that are either made of pleather or spandex.

The thing about pants is that they really aren`t in right now. No, we are all about tights, a style that is going strong despite a few years.

They still are, with one little caveat: wear long shirts with tights. I don`t care how amazing and sexy you look, wearing tights that are completely exposed to observers is sexy- just like a hooker. If you want to bring some class into the mix, make sure your shirts or tunics go at least two inches at your inseam. That way there is still a bit of a flirty impression, but some details are still left to a need to know basis.

J-Lo`s to the waist neckline was in 2,000; and the bare it all look has long since died. Ignorance is no excuse on this one! Same with men. I don`t need to see anything in the front on either gender, so the two inch inseam should be a good starting place for both. Feel free to go longer, though to the knees is generally the maximum length for Spring dresses, and Men should go shorter than that unless they want to be trail blazers in men`s skirts and dresses.

Unless you aren`t wearing any tights. In that case, you can bare all you want, as long as your clothes are at least 1/4 of your thigh long, measuring from the knee up. Another good rule of thumb is that, if your pants have pockets, we shouldn`t see them. Nor any butt exposure!

As a good side note, stockings and tights are in again. No want really wants to see your bare legs anymore. That is a juvenile thing, and it brings to mind tween, not gorgeous twenty something!


A detailed find from Kaboodle. Polyvore also has a good example.

A detailed find from Kaboodle. Polyvore also has a good example.

Desigual skirt

Desigual skirt from Polyvore. Patchy is the way to go now!

First of all, let me caution you: don`t depend on Googling ‘peasant skirt’ for this one. You`ll come up with layered skirts, and those are practically ancient history by now. You will want to look up ‘lace up skirt’. Be wary of that, as well, as many of the looks are too cancan to be anywhere near trendy, or even trail blazer.

Patchy skirts also fall in bounds. Patches have been popping up on pants across the country, and now they feel cozy and comfortable on a swishy little skirt. Pockets have been off an on for the last few years as well, but they are a safe inclusion in your wardrobe because they have never been part of an overwrought trend. Things that have never had the top of the game stay acceptable for many years, as opposed to super trendy thing that go out light a candle.

*Note: You don`t have to wear the skirt over the tights, just as you don`t have to wear them separately. If you combine them, be sure to use a solid color pair of tights and go as crazy as you want with the skirt. Likewise, if you wear just the skirt or just the tights, keep in mind length and modesty. It is actually trendy to not show all of your junk, so don`t be the goofus who ignores such a big style rule!

Lab Time

Now that you have the basics in mind, have fun! Feel free to shake things up, and throw in a pair of jeans or tailored vest. It is these little mix ups that let people know you have a unique style. Just be sure to keep in mind the basics, and you`ll be sure to make something new and wonderful, while avoiding all the dusty and overused trends of yesteryear.

Do you agree with my picks, or do you think that this is a style that will never hit the streets?


9 thoughts on “Robbing From the Rich (No, This isn`t Politics)

  1. HAHAHAAAA!!! Loved the whole post and you give very good advice… BUT I like the advice about the tights the best, I think. You MUST MUST MUST wear a long shirt or tunic over the tights. PLEASE… we do NOT want to see what God blessed you with, either male or female. It’s just gross. But that being said, I love tights! Just worn the right way 🙂

    • I am a huge tights fan! I wear a pair on most days. But, like I said, I believe in layers. And coverage. Call me old fashioned, but I like some things to be left to the imagination, or even just not thought about at all. Like many of my Muslim friends, I like the have tight and long things layered with loose and short things on top. It adds different colors, patterns, and shapes, and is completely modest.

      • I did NOT know you’re Muslim. Cool 🙂 I’m not Muslim but I do agree that something needs to be left to the imagination! lol And I loved what you said “or maybe not thought about at all”! lmbo TOO funny. I agree 😉

    • Yeah, like the BBC Robin Hood series! It`s great. I have to say, I like the look more because it looks cute than because I feel particularly empowered (though I can fight off an evil spider with my bare tennis shoe all by myself!) but it`s good to wear what feels good. And I have to say, skirts and stuff just feel pretty good to me. I know it seems like a bit of a shock, but I actually prefer skirts and a pair of tights to jeans! Denim makes me feel so constricted.

      • Yeah I think clothes should always make you feel good – if not, why wear them? I really like the fact that the fashion at the moment is so eclectic that you can express yourself pretty much any way you want. x

      • Well, I`m pretty eclectic regardless of fashion, but you are right! I like mixing trends and pieces, it shows you were really involved in building your outfit instead of just copying a mannequin.

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