FallsDusky sorrows

paint the wind,

Time is passing home again.

And when all we`ve seen

has lost its light,

Still man kind

can be brought to rights.

And as the years pass us by

Our love only grows

as we let our sorrow lie.

Forgiveness is the virtue

of an untroubled soul,

Though it can be given

by those with painful stories untold.

I told you I was going to share poems with you! I happen to be a particular fan of poetry, and some people say I have some skill with composing it. I`ll admit, though, that I can only manage free write and rhyming patterns- I`m hopeless at sonnets, limericks, and even haikus. I`m just no good when it comes to syllables. I mean, I can figure out how to write all of them, especially the haiku, but when I try I`m told in no uncertain terms that its just wrong. I just don`t think I`m cut out for strict poetry. This is actually pretty ironic, because I have been known to scoff at children`s poetry such as Shel Silverstein`s. It`s very cute and entertaining, but it doesn`t feel like the real thing. I guess I have no right to be critical, though, as his work is published and loved by many, whereas mine is, you know, here.

Do you prefer really structured poetry, or are you a fan of free write? Do you even like poetry at all?


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