Here is another wire sculpture! I think that`s my favorite medium, wire and chalk pastels. It`s so fun! What we have here is a man riding a dragon fly. I know it is hard to see, but the dragon fly has eyes, and further down his body are feet. Love the background of my inspiration shelf, don`t you? If you want to see my earlier post of another wire sculpture, you can click this link right here.

I`ve actually got a bit of a series or even exhibition of my work going on, right here in this blog. If you are interested in seeing more, go to the arts category that will show up in a teal tab at the bottom of this post. Have fun flipping through my work, and share any insight and opinions you may have on it!

Do you think I should put some of my work up for sale in either a gallery or on a website like art.com? Do you have any advice for a young artist that wants to get some publicity so that they might someday get invited to be part of an exhibition?


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