Puffin, Monoprint

Puffin Monoprint

A monoprint languishes

This monoprint was made with water color pencils. It isn`t technically a monoprint, as I never actually got around to printing it, but it is a monoprint in process, so that is close enough. I took a photo in a National Geographic from the nineties and created a sketch (I didn`t copy the original!) and taped some tracing paper over that. I roughly traced my sketch with the water color pencils, with some slight revisions here and there. The flowers, in particular, were really too small and annoying for me to stand copying, so I enlarged them a bit. I think in the end that gave them a better presence in the overall composition, so I guess laziness can pay off!

Should I have finished this, or does it look cooler sheer?


3 thoughts on “Puffin, Monoprint

  1. Very nice I am just in abad mood and thanks for the uolifting. I now understand why the parrot. They symbolize human regergitaion. They never start a conversation only copy it.

    • Hm, I like that spin. I have to say, I just did it because I normally stink at following directions for origami, so I was hoping I could at least make up something that looks good. Seems like my only real problem is being able to follow directions well!

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