A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

But you are a lot more likely to listen when the words are cutely framed! If you do a lot of writing or poetry, you can display that as art as well as your photos and paintings. It just takes a frame and some ingenuity!

Framed PoemI don`t think you can see it too clearly, but this has some texture going on at all levels. To make things a bit more interesting than just tacking a poem on the wall, I first got this nifty frame from the dollar store. The print and trim all came with it, and it really was only a dollar! I`m still pretty happy about it.

To add just a bit more interest, I cut the poem itself out into an interesting free form shape. You could also use a pair of scissors that leave a cool pattern, like many scrap bookers use.

When I had all of that done, I thought of one last little detail that would really make it pop. I took a precut sheet of parchment paper, creating cool folds and lines and doing a little overlapping over the actual poem`s paper. I think the end result adds some cool texture and depth. The sheer paper and shadows make me think of traditional Japanese interior design, while the pattern in the frame is completely French in the Western tradition. I think we made fusion happen here, and it wasn`t obvious or forced. Imagine fusion happening delicately! I certainly never knew such a thing was possible.

Does this look cheap, or completely chic? Do poems make good artwork?


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