On a tour of Old Town, Alexandria (Virginia) I found this cute little shop. They had the most amazing cupcakes, and there was a gluten free flavor! (Gluten free seems to be almost universal in Old Town!) It was dark flourless chocolate with peanut sprinkles, and there was a hint of cinnamin in the cupcake itself that really made it taste even better than flourless cake usually does. Believe me, Id know. I happen to be a connoisseur of flourless cakes, and especially the chocolate variety. Ive tried them all, but this one really takes the cake. Or, even better, the cupcake!Lavender moon cupcakery flourless chocolate cupcake

These were so good, I ate half of mine before I remembered to take a picture! There were several other varieties available, though the flourless chocolate was the only available gluten free variety. The gluten free flavor rotates, so when I go back in a week or so, there will be some other flavor to try!

They also sell bottled drinks in the store, like bottled tea and water. I chose to take my reusable water bottle, mainly because I take my Camelback everywhere I go.

lavendar cupcakery eating room

The inside of the store was so cute! It really looked like a little doll house. You could tell it was an old building, as the stairs at least were perhaps 2 feet wide, if that.

lavendar moon cupcakery facade

Contact The Store

The Lavender Moon Cupcakery has no website, so I linked you up to another blog post with store hours and a few more pictures. You can also look at the stores <a href="">Facebook </a>and <a href=";hl=en">Googleplus</a> pages if you want to connect to the source.
<h2><span style="color:#bb5dca;">Where is your favorite gluten free bakery or restaurant? Especially in Old Town, but I
m interested in recommendations for my travels as well!


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