Why Do I Blog?

People sometimes ask me why I ‘waste’ my time, scribbling words away to a bored audience. There are many reasons!

I love that ah-ha moment, and I want to bring it to the maximum number of people possible. I want to create eureka moments, and a sense of wonder in the world around us. I want to know that, each day, I am working at a job, though I am still just a college student with little income. I want to be part of the movers and shakers of the world, and I want people to come to me when they want to learn or relax. I want to know that people, in some number, will read what I have to write, as I would write with or without a blog to force me to a posting schedule.

You could say I blog out of the stuff of dreams, with the hope of one day becoming a respected journalist. That I may want to gain awards or notoriety, or that I want to hawk my wares. That all of these hours spent here are really part of a diabolical plot to gain money off of ads I havent actually uploaded yet. But those are really little pieces to me, and dont mean that much in the grand scheme of things. Sure, it would be nice if someday I made a little money off of my hours here, but for now I am so happy just being here, and being part of this.

I took this photo in Harper`s Ferry

I took this photo in Harper`s Ferry

As far as I can tell, none of my audience is bored by what I write. My readers, perhaps for the same reasons as me, enjoy ‘flipping’ through posts and responding to them, much like traditional magazines. However, unlike magazines, here any responses to the post or other comments are instant, or as instant as different time zone readers can be.

I also blog because that is how I talk to my friends. Oh, sure, I have friends that I know off line. So far, those friends have never come over to see what I do, because they cant understand it either. But you, dear friends, have been with me. You see my writing and photos grow and change over time, you see my shifting moods and opinions. You see all of this, and you keep coming back to say hello to me, to enjoy each others company. Just like friends who visit each others house, I also visit your blogs and look at what youve been up to, and we can see again how similar we really are.

I blog because, not only does it give me potential for fulfilling dreams, it is blogging itself that is a dream come true. I have always wanted to be a published author, and every time I post another post, that is some of my work being published. It`s a heady feeling, seeing those stats going up, connecting names and faces to my friends who follow me, just as I follow and comment on their work.

To me, blogging is the act of capturing your life, and distilling it so that it will amuse and teach a multitude. It is not the same as writing an online diary, though it can be. It can be the same as being part of a newspaper staff, though everyone is much more loyal to me, and me to them. It is like putting a new collection in the gallery every day, posting your photos on the streets and in busy squares where all can see them. When I blog, I can post about everything that interests me, I can be in every profession I want to be in.

Basically, I blog because I live.

Why do you blog, and why do you read other`s blogs?


4 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. “To me, blogging is the act of capturing your life, and distilling it so that it will amuse and teach a multitude. ” I love this! I really like your new theme as well, it’s so organised! Haven’t visited in a while so it’s good to see I’ve missed out! Lovely photo too by the way, where is that?

    • Harper`s Ferry is in Loudon county. It`s about an hour or so away from tourist D.C., and us locals consider it somewhat of the countryside. I`m not sure it is true countryside, as I think a lot of the people who live there commute each day to the city and have a bit more wealth than true rural folk, but it is the closest you get that close to the city. I guess we [locals] kind of spread out a lot from the official D.C., and now it takes a lot of driving to finally get out of it!

  2. I like blogging better then Facebook too. It helps me learn not only from my own view but from the comments too. How people take me and how to deal with it.

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