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A Lady in Need Can`t always Ask Her Knight for Help…

DIY emergency purse kit, tutorial at Terri Steele`s blog.

Sometimes, emergencies happen. And I`m not talking about a heart attack or flood, here. I`m talking about serious stuff that your local EMT couldn`t care less about. (Unless on her off hours she is a fashionably shod lady. Which plenty of EMTs are, promise!) I`m talking about running hose, or running out of eye makeup remover when you are on the go, or even (shock of all shocks!) forgetting to bring any eyeshadow at all on your trip! So, with the advice of many smarter women than me, I am going to give you the 411 (where did that saying come from, anyways? Someone should share the story with me!) on taking care of yourself, no matter what happens. Unless there is a flood or you have a heart attack. Then you should call your local emergency response authorities, and not waste anytime reading blogs. Because, though I agree blogs are important in the normal course of things, they really aren`t as fun once you`ve died because you didn`t evacuate because you were too busy reading this post. Just sayin`.

  1. Run in your stockings. Quick, whip out your handy dandy clear nail polish, and stop it in its tracks! Sure, it will be kind of stuck to your skin, but it will come off at the end of the night. And which is a bigger problem, some small discomfort or a fashion faux pas? Besides, 2 inch heels are worse than nail polish sticking to you, and those aren`t exactly deadly.
  2. Ran out of eye-makeup remover! Grab a Q Tip, and dunk it in some facial lotion (it`s because it won`t clog pores.) Wipe it over your eye liner, and it will disappear in a pass or two. Normal lotion will work as well, but if you have sensitive skin, it could be irritating, even with organic lotion. You shouldn`t just leave the makeup on, as it can irritate your eyeballs, making you look like you are hung over!  It also just isn`t healthy in general, and you could wake up to find your eyes glued together. Kind of scary, actually.

    eye liner

    From fashion/life blogger CathyLoveee

  3. You forgot to grab a tide-to-go on your way out the door, and you dropped some of the second course on your skirt! Makeup, red wine  and spaghetti sauce come out with club soda. So, you know, you have an excuse to order a drink you don`t normally try and you`ll get cleaner clothes. If you have other stains, use rubbing alcohol for ink  and sprinkle egg with salt and pick up with a paper towel. The Frau told me to tell you that you can also remove a tiny blood stain with your own saliva, and told me to post it even when I said it was too gross. Mothers! (Actually, all of number three is from her.)
  4. If you forgot your blush, lipstick can do in a pinch. Just dab it with your fingers, and apply it lightly. Remember, lipstick comes darker than blush, so you want to be sparing. Some lipglosses and tinted chapstick works as well. If you can bear it, this could also stand in for eye color, though I can`t stand cream eyeshadow texture, let alone lipgloss!
  5. Forgot your eyeshadow. Presuming you have your eyeliner, you can just smudge it on for a smoky eye look. Just don`t do it all over, as that will make you look more raccoon-y than pretty.  Just make a really thick cat`s eye, and you`ll be golden. Look at Cathy if you want an idea of what I mean!
  6. Chip in your nail polish. If you still have that clear nail polish, we can make a repair to the colored one. Just put a small dab onto the afflicted spot, and move it around a tiny bit with the brush. New nail polish softens the dry layers beneath, so it should stretch and move to cover the spot. If you have humongous chips all over, just get all the color off and stick with clear nail polish. Much neater than bits and pieces of colors!
  7. Loss of Limb. Call those handy EMTs I told you about!

Aren`t you lucky? I gave you some extra ideas 🙂 If you want to make your own purse emergency kit and skip the hassle, Terri Steele`s blog has a nice little tutorial to sew one up. Just don`t forget to include clear polish and a tide to go. I would personally prefer those over the mascara and lotion, but that`s mainly because I don`t need them. I always moisturize at night, and I have naturally super long and super dark eyelashes, so it would be silly to keep either product on hand, but feel free to if you feel it`s necessary.

What is your favorite in-a-pinch problem and solution?


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