Death of A Tree

Fall tree clusterThe Death of a tree

is a terrible thing.

For all that shade

will no longer be.

No happy Summer picnics,

no more tree climbs.

No resting spot

for glorious wind chimes.

The birds will move on,

the squirrels will leave.

The little bunny rabbits

will leave your yard be.

The foxes will be hungry

and go on their way,

The deer will still think your garden

is a wonderful buffet.

The feral cats will run free through your yard

as the scary things will go on for safer surrounds.

And though your heart breaks as the first branch falls,

it must be done

`for it breaks your foundation walls.

I think that is the first obituary to a tree ever written, but this tree deserved it. A gorgeous maple that had stood in the same spot in the yard for fifty years, it had unfortunately been planted a mere six feet from the foundation of our house. I`m really surprised we could afford to keep it up as long as we did. So, today is a rather sad day for me.

What have you done when faced with the death of a tree?


3 thoughts on “Death of A Tree

    • Oh, I feel better, it was just rather upsetting because that tree grew up with me, you know? It`s ok though, if I`m being fair there is a whole forest and park right beyond our back gate, so we aren`t exactly lacking. 🙂

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