The Outlook

Also called Rainy Fields, or The Gatherer. I guess I`m not all too decisive about naming something that has really gone unnamed since I made it, but I can`t in all consciousness really feel justified in not bothering to name something that has its own post. It would feel demeaning. So, instead, apparently this piece gets three titles. That`s a huge step up from zero!

chalk pastel rainign fields

This is a girl in a kimono gathering herbs and flowers in the middle of a Spring storm, continuing my recent obsession with all things seasonal and Spring-y.  I had the post on inchworm love, gardening with native plants as well as gardening indoors and before Spring really hops into action. I just really like Spring! And rain. have I mentioned I love rain? People never seem to notice, but all the colors are brighter and the world is livelier when it is raining. There is a soundtrack to the goings on of nature, and that is definitely rain! I love it. And have you ever felt that moment when you really understand what it means to be part of creation, because you are standing in one of the pieces that keeps life going? I stand in a rainstorm, and I feel like I know the secrets of the universe and God`s deepest secrets. Absolutely lovely.

I did this with chalk pastels and my own finger for some judicious smudging. Here is another case where I wish I could afford to frame my work! I suppose this one will just have to languish unprotected, like all the others. It is sad, I know.

Do you love rain, or do you prefer sunny days?


4 thoughts on “The Outlook

  1. Lovely pastel drawing! I love sun, but I also love rain – but not boring uk cold drizzle – I love the ridiclously wet warm rain you get in Malaysia. Btw have you thought about doing your drawings on canvases? You can get them cheaply from discount stationary stores, and then you can hang them as they are. 🙂

    • I love rain, but I think there is nothing so dreamy and wonderful as mist with the first rays of sunlight peeping through in the morning. And there is something about a little chill that makes me feel so alive! I feel like I`m melting in the Summer, but then we have averages of 100 Fahrenheit with 90% humidity or worse! I have canvases right now actually (too lazy to put them together myself like a proper artist should) but there is just something terrifying about them. I always feel like transferring my work to a canvas is dooming myself to failure. Me and my superstitions!

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