Loveland Cafe


Historic Loveland Colorado has many little Mom and Pop stores and restaurants that you can visit. The aptly named Loveland Coffee shop is like a locally owned Starbucks, boasting eight varieties of gluten free baked goodies (when I visited), an extensive gallery of professionally framed photographs, and a little dummy holding a tray of drinks.

They had eight varieties of gluten free baked goods available.
They had eight varieties of gluten free baked goods available.

As I tend to think even cute wax statues are really creepy, I shied away from that bit of whimsy, but the overall shop was still cute! The barista was very friendly and chatty, worlds away from the silent and serious breed I find at home in D.C. She even offered to heat up my brownie for me, as it was chilled from the display case. It was actually twice as big as the picture leads you to beleive, as I ate half of it before I could stop stuffing myself long enough to take a picture. It must have been 4″x4″, at the very least! All the little goodies were even made fresh that day, even the less frequently bought gluten free goodies!

Loveland Cafe

Like every cafe, there were some cozy spots to sit down and take a drink or nibble, but there were also tons of photos up to look at. I`m not sure if they were for sale or display only, but they were quite nice either way. The one corner had some abstract paintings too, if photos and realism isn`t your thing. There was also a little display of plates at the top of the wall.

Legos need coffee shops, too!
Legos need coffee shops, too!

The collection of Lego coffee drinkers on the coffee paraphernalia book case added that touch of whimsy you like to see in a non-corporate shop.

What`s your favorite locally owned shop? Do you like coffee, or tea?


2 comments on “Loveland Cafe”

  1. I have been in that area. Fort Collins, eastes aprk, loveland all the way across the maountian range back to the colorada. Spent days driving around that area. WOuld like to take my daughter to spend time there too now that she is older.

    1. It really was a lovely area, and the perfect vacation spot for an artist like myself! Well, I call myself an artist. I suppose it is really more of a hobby if I`ve never sold anything.

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