Winter`s Ease

12/21/12 12:21 am. I love Winter. It is such a beautiful season. I realize now that I`ve actually done most of my Winter time posts complaining that I wanted Spring! It`s not quite true. Winter may actually be my favorite season, so I think I need to share some of my love for it now.

I took this photo at Great Falls Park

I took this photo at Great Falls Park, in the Winter as a matter of fact.

Frosted grey across the skies

oh how the snowfall doth blind mine eyes

silent in its watchful slumber

Makes man feel all the humbler.

Happy is the one who walks

`neath solemn boughs which never talk

listen to the gentle breeze

in their hearts they find new ease.

How do those in Summer live

Running, rushing, hasty and giddy

always see those eyes of hate,

how can they bear to live this way?

We have our little Winter highs

our happiness doth reach the skies,

and there the branches be wrapped in umber

yet our hearts grow no more number.

At hastiness and poor thought we balk,

yet this silent world is full of calm talk.

A bounty of dried meats and cheese

holds us strong in Winter`s ease.

What is your favorite season?


3 thoughts on “Winter`s Ease

  1. I like winter, playing inthe snow. Just dont like to live there. I don’t like to have to drive it either. People forgetting they can move but not stop well really piss me off.

    • I love snow, but that is probably because I never get it. I get so excited by and inch or two! People always lose their ability to drive in any sort of wet weather. Just add water and it is like they can`t stop being stuck in dreamworld, a dangerous place to be when you are operating a car like that…

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