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Two months ago I did a research visit (Yeah, research. suuure, Z!) at Katsucon. Among many amazing things I hadn`t seen in general, I also saw many elements of style I don`t run into when I flip through my Vogue or fashion blogs. Which is actually pretty surprising, considering that you`d think the first place geek fashion would be is on a blog. The internet is still run by geeks, after all. They are the people that put the incomprehensible HTML and formatting mumbo jumbo into the finished product we all know and love. Heck, this whole WordPress thing is run by some sort of geek! Geeks are good people, and sometimes their fashion is too.

The Man Skirt (Different from plaid)

These are best black. Photo courtesy of thexstylez

The Top Hat is Back. Thank you gothic animes for starting this 🙂

The top hat looks accessible with the geeky fashion glasses. photo courtesy of nothing-elegant`s blog

These people were really big on rings. Dragon rings, rings that turn, rings that are whistles, rings with crazy jewels. There were just a lot of rings. I kind of like rings too, but they were different from the normal variety.

bronze Chinese dragon, $43 at

Of course, the geek t-shirt is always a classic look, especially when paired with a tuxedo jacket to dress things up.

from skreened

The idea of a cape seems to appeal to a lot of geeks. (Which, I assure you, despite what all of my friends have said , I`m not actually a geek or a hipster. Really, I`m not!) Whether the idea is to harken back to medieval England, copy a superhero, or channel some of the mysteriousness of Aragorn as Strider, capes are kind of cool.

A more modern incarnation is to wear a capelet, especially if you are a girl. Of course, as we have seen with the man skirt, guys can cross over. But, you know, I only write here. Talk to the fashionistas in charge before you go attacking me!

This photo is courtesy of culture of cute.

So, there are a few of my fashion gleamings from a rather overwhelming event. It took a bit of work, sorting through the fluorescent wigs and Japanese school girl uniforms to find some unifying styles that lie beyond the characters, but I found it, and I have to say I find it all pretty fascinating. There`s a whole world out there that I know almost nothing about!

What are some other looks or pieces you can recommend as part of geek style? Or even the glorified geek hipster style, which I`m not sure actually has anything to do with real geeks anymore!


6 thoughts on “Geek Style

      • I wore a steampunk outfit for the carnival in Venice this year. And apparently there is a steampunk festival in September in Lincoln, so i will be going to that. I think if you go somewhere where EVERYONE is wearing it, you don;t feel so self conscious!

      • I think that is definitely true. But that just might be a reflection of my overall style, that I like to include elements from various fashions into one outfit. It makes me feel more creative!

  1. I have natural whalebone hips. So looking at a screen just doesnt do it for me. I standard style rarely does.

    • I tend to buy things that are bigger than I need them to be, then I can tailor them to fit my shape exactly. If you don`t do your own sewing, a lot of laundromats have tailoring services for a reasonable price.

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