Your Health: The Whole Picture

I see a lot of people have been getting serious about their health. They eat organic food, shop at the farmer`s market, plant back yard gardens for beauty and produce, and use more nontoxic cleaners and paints in their homes. However, they don`t really have the whole picture. If you have been looking for a way to go 2.0 with your latest (and permanent!) health kick, I`ve got some ideas here. Since it is March, we`ll say you are still keeping up with your resolution to be healthier this year. Don`t worry, I won`t tell!

My favorite toothpaste! I believe Tom`s of Maine also has a similar flavor. $2.99 at Amazon, about the same in store at Trader Joe`s

Organic Toothpaste

Did you know that you swallow an average of half the amount of toothpaste you use? That adds up to pretty fast, to the point that you

probably end up swallowing many pounds of the stuff per year! Instead of swallowing flouride, blue number three, yellow number fifty-six, and other chemicals, why not try a natural toothpaste? You can use the classic Tom`s brand, or my personal favorite fennel, propolis, and myrrh flavor at Trader Joe`s.

Organic Lipstick

You probably swallow more lipstick every month than toothpaste in a year! If you are still using traditional lipsticks, glosses, and shimmers, you should know that they are made with fish oil, so that is bad news if you thought you were vegan. I read a really scary post at living green. There is always a bunch of chemicals and dyes in mainstream make up, and the list for lipstick is particularly gross. Everyone knows about Burt`s Bees organic skin care, but I have to say I have a soft spot for Badger Balm brand. (not to be confused with badger athletic apparel company, which is completely separate.) Who can help but root for the under dog? Their products are also 100% organic, while much of Burt`s Bees is only partially so. They also have a great family program where their employees can take their babies or other children into work or telecommute.

Beyond Non Toxic: Paint

Sure, that one brand you use is non toxic paint, or zero VOC. But wouldn`t you feel better knowing that the paint you use is organic? I know, it is hard to think of such a creature. But it does exist! It is called milk paint. It is literally made with milk, and is the stuff decorating all the old Western Manor houses and colonial estates you may have toured. This stuff has been around forever, and there is a reason for it! It stays forever until you bother to remove it, but only milk paint specific paint thinner works. The chemicals actually don`t do the job! It also has a slightly sheer finish, though it is thicker than a stain, so you can get a tiny hint of any wood grain underneath. Those who use it a lot tend to refer to the finish as ‘velvety’. It works on wood furniture, wood decks, plaster or drywall walls, exteriors, interiors, and a bunch of other surfaces. It starts at roughly $14 a gallon.


You may already have a gas fireplace, in disgust at all the smoke and waste inherent in traditional fireplaces. But is that the right choice? They actual aren`t too efficient, and they don`t end up providing all that much heat. I love the real flames and the lack of mess of pellet stoves, and I like that using pellets means I`m reusing a waste material. This Old House has a nice article that explains some pellet stove basics, though their website also has some good information. Pellet stoves are available as fireplace inserts or stand alone wood stoves.

Safe Flooring

Did you know your brand new wood floors or carpets could actually be one of the biggest polluters in your home? Though it would be terribly ecologically unfriendly to just rip it all out, you may just want to keep it in mind for future installations. Look for bamboo, cork, or the sustainable harvest seal on wood for environmental sustainability, and click style floors that don`t require adhesive. Vinyl and other smooth flooring materials tend to have the biggest problem with fumes, so try to find a LEED (basically green building stuff association thingie) certified option.

What have I missed for the list? What recommendations do you have?


3 thoughts on “Your Health: The Whole Picture

  1. Fluoride-free toothpaste is a good one, especially for CFS/fibromites as fluoride is especially toxic. I had fluoride sprayed on my teeth at the dentist once, and I could hardly get out of bed for a week.
    Ive got a good tip for bare wood – mix a tbsp of olive oil with a tbsp of lemon juice, and you’ve got a mixture that cleans and sheens wood naturally. Use one of those cotton cloths to apply it and rub it in. No stinky spray polishes!
    Also, to make a room spray/air freshener – get one of those plant spray bottles and fill with water. Add 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of lemon oil and always mix vigorously before use. It smells beautiful and fresh. xx

    • Well, you aren`t supposed to swallow the flouride at all, but that reaction at the dentist`s sounds to be unusually bad. It could have been something else, or you could be particularly sensitive to it? That really does seem unusual, though.

      That`s a great tip for wood, and it sounds like it would smell nice as well! I suppose it wouldn`t really work if the wood was scratched, though, would it?

      I tend to just open my windows at least ten minutes everyday, no matter how cold it is, to get some fresh air in. But that does sound like it would smell nice! I often leave a drop of essential oil on a light bulb, so it will heat up and smell nice each time you turn the lights on. Thanks for such lovely feedback!

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