DIY Anthropology Knockoff

I love Anthropology. I think I could live in that store. There have been times when I`ve gone into the shop, and a bunch of friends all agreed that everything we saw was cute. Granted, there have been pretty hideous things in there, but they usually have a greater quantity of cute things to balance out the few gross things.

But I don`t have an Anthropology budget. I hardly have a Old Navy Budget! So when I went to Old Navy the other day, I found the cutest pair of faux suede ballet flats in a light spring green color. They are so cute, and the texture is so soft! But when I bought them, I remembered that they looked exactly like some cute color dipped shoes I saw at Anthropology the other day. So a little idea popped up in my head: why not DIY that effect for myself!

So, I figured I can just tape the last inch with painter`s tape and use some water color paint at the end to get that cute effect.

Paint the tips of your ballet flats. That`s what I did, and what this blogger did:

Photo from Joanna Goddard`s blog

photo from swellmayde`s blog

You could also literally dip the flats in dye, as some other bloggers have done, for a different effect from watercolor paints.

You can do a puffy paint design, like this tutorial from ebonypeople`s blog.

ebonypeople`s photo tutorial

I`ve also been drooling over some white and black Frye boots for awhile, but they of course are worth a few hundred dollars. I don`t have a few hundred dollars, or even just 100. Here`s a black and white shoe tutorial:

photo and tutorial at blind-stab`s blog

If you have better art skills, you can just hand paint some smooth faux or real leather flats with a cute design.

hand painted, and for sale at wanelo

For the truly lazy, here is a quicker way to get the dip dye flats finish.

Regular sharpies or paint pen sharpies will work for this one. Photo courtesy of city bee studio.

How have you DIY`d your way to cuter and cheaper fashion?


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