Teacher Bullies

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In the US, we have a sky rocketing rate of bullying. It seems to be all over the internet and tv. There are millions of programs out there that give advice and comfort to victims, and try to reform bullies. However, all of these seem to focus on peer bullying. Yeah, it could be a slightly younger or older student, but it is still one student, or a few of them, ganging up on victims. It could be in hallways, or it could connected networkbe on Facebook or a text chain. Still, it`s kids hurting kids.

That`s not the only kind of bullying out there, folks.

Let`s say we are just restricting bullying to the world of kids. There`s a huge element of bullying there that adults often ignore. It`s called the teacher bully.

I know no one feels comfortable about looking into the actions of teachers too closely, mainly because you have to put your trust in them for the care and keeping of your child. But many kids who go through life completely unfazed by the jeers of their peers really crumple after a few well placed words by a teacher.

Some teachers use sarcasm, as a way to connect with and amuse their kids. That`s all very well and good in Middle and high school, as long as it isn`t particularly pointed or vicous. You`ve got to insult people equally, so they all get that it`s really just a joke. But gradeschoolers don`t appreciate sarcasm as a means of humor, and merely get it as a mean statement. That, or they take what you are saying at face value.

The point is, teachers are humans. Some of them are nice, some are oblivious of how hurtful they can be. And maybe some are just bitter, staying in a job they don`t like anymore because they feel like they have to, taking their broken dreams and inner insecurities out on children. I`m not saying that because I think all teachers are bad. I have had some of the most inspiring teachers on Earth, encouraging me to scale the heights of difficulty to reach the satisfaction of accomplishment.

I just want parents to be aware, and listen if their child tells them something is wrong in the class room. Little Susie Q might just be exaggerating because she doesn`t want to have to do homework or go to school. On the other hand, there may be a real problem lurking behind the scenes. Use your wits and ears before you close the case.


2 thoughts on “Teacher Bullies

  1. I didn’t like teachers becasue I was bored with what thye were teaching me. My level was above it. As a kid we don’t know that the teacher is doing what the teacher is simply being told to do. I passed with honors and opnly there half time very young. Schools exepcted the kids to fit into them instead of the school fitting into the kid. Charter does not work eotehr. The ciruclum complimenting everything is controlled. All cirucullum musted be slef chosen. The teacher and the cirriculum gets tested not the student. My mother with very little time put my reading level at college level in grade school. All teh ciriculum to learn a subject is full of so much trivi to learn the master the subject for public business use it isnt funny. Beinf employed at 13 I should have had edcuaution of being employed already. An adult. Thinking about it today kids should have a more career based education early before they start building worthless exeperince resumes. All the Pre Employment and Work Maturity skills should be their before employment is even thought of.

    • I think that my problem wasn`t the curriculum, as I`ve always studied whatever extra subjects I fancied outside of classtime, and usually read ahead in textbooks. I think a lot of the training for work, though, takes place in the clubs and leadership you do outside of the classroom, though. It`s not really something that can be taught, anyways, only experienced.

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