Quick Stress Relievers

I`m not sure if you are aware, but finals are very stressful for me! It just gets overwhelming sometimes,

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and I can`t stand that tightening in my stomach and whirring in my ears. Somehow I have to distance myself from it all. So, through years of having fits of neurotic overstress periods, I have developed a battle plan to fight the evil hoards! (Well, bad feeling aren`t really hoards, but you get what I`m saying, right?)

  1. Take a Nap.

    1. I don`t know if you realize this, but finals usually involve studying late into the night, and missing all of your sleep. No matter what time of year it is, that is a recipe for tight nerves, but it`s even worse when you are already in a stressful situation! That`s why you should take a quick thirty minute nap, and set the timer. It won`t cut too deeply into your study time, and it isn`t long enough that you`ll spend the rest of the day groggy. Go on, go for it!
    2. It will also boost your overall health if you`ve regularly been getting less than the minimum 8 hours of sleep a night. (Yes, I know some of you regularly do five hours. That doesn`t make it healthy!)
  2. Go for a Jog!

    1. It will give you a quick burst of energy, which you are probably low on if you`ve been studying for a while.
    2. Releases endorphins, so you`ll feel less moodily “it`s the end of the world!” and more like you are likely to come out the other side of this one alive and with a passing grade.
    3. If you normally exercise, you may be losing concentration by sitting still all day long, so this will boost your studying success!
  3. Lay off the Parties.

    1. Ok, I get it, there are some students that would prefer jail over cutting back their social life. But right now those late nights and possible imbibing is doing you no good. Well, it never really does you any good, but alcohol is a depressant, so it is making things even worse if you are stressed about finals.
    2. Alcohol can also cut down on your concentration, so you won`t do very well on finals unless you cut back a bit lot.
    3. Less time to study in. Go celebrate once you have good grades to celebrate over, instead of preventing them!
  4. Playtime!

    1. You get to burnout mode with all of your studying, and your grades will actually drop! Make sure that you take a short break of some sort at the last ten minutes of each hour, or whatever your study schedule entails. There are lots of things to do! Cards, giggling with friends, doodling, reading, staring into space, listening to music, looking at puppies and kittens and skits on Youtube, etc. Just do something fun!
  5. Get into Green!

    1. Go for a walk in a nearby park or common area. Breathe. Repeat. Sometimes you need to absorb some nature so that you can continue being serious about your studies while avoiding neurotics.
    2. Get some tea. Caffeinated tea probably isn`t the best choice, but some soothing lavender or rose hip always makes me feel warm and cheerful inside. Hop on over to some of my top tea recommendations!
    3. Some yoga outdoors and poetry about nature can also make you feel relaxed in different ways.

I hope you are feeling a little less like the end of the world is on your door step at this point. Just keep working hard, and you`ll survive it in the end! If you feel stressed because you don`t know how to study, I have some ideas to prepare you for your next semester of classes.

What are some ideas you, the readers, have for de-stressing during finals or any time of year?


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