Got Legos?

I do. More than I can count. Well, the ‘I’ there is rather misleading. None of them are my fault. I actually find Legos to be much too limiting to my creative soul. I like my clay and wire and paint. But my sister and mother, as well as my Mum`s best friend, are crazy over them. I think it is a engineer Math-y person thing. Goodness knows that description fits them to a t. Well, they are creative, (Mum was in a proffesional choir, sis did art and chorus in school) but they like the order and puzzle inherent in making those geometric bits look like something real. Not my bag, but some things occasionally come up that almost make me want to participate in the trend.

Legos have moved beyond basic boxed kits and kid designs. The grown ups have taken over, and they have some pretty awesome designs in mind!

Legos geeking over other geeky things…

home made minifigures from the muppet mindset

Wall-E! from namealreadytaken

Han Solo trapped in carbonite! from weheart

Legos in sculpture and art. How amazing!

Lego Nerds have rebuilt cities, and even imagined new ones!

This city is made entirely out of Legos! from

Legos have even broken out of building into the rest of the world!

Lego cooking! from creative close up

a working ukele made from legos! from

Lego has Even Moved into Fashion

Lego topped rings! at

Geeks stole the runway! from

What fun geeky trends have you hopped onto? How do you channel your inner Lego nerd?


7 thoughts on “Got Legos?

  1. First how many nerds are there in you? I like playing with leggos too. I like the castle one. Where everybody’s home should be a magic kingdom.

    • I have to say, the castle one is fun, but I think that is because I`m secretly a bit of Medieval History buff. I mean, I even took a class on that as an elective! It`s fun to imagine cool plots and adventures as well.

    • You know, they always seem to be inspirational, even if you never end up making anything that looks good. I always hated puzzles, so I can never stand to follow the directions the whole way through and copy a kit, and I can`t really create my own designs well, but it is impressive to see what others have done!

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