Why I Run

I run now, plodding steadily along on a stationary treadmill. There is no excitement in it, and yet it is comforting to absorb yourself in an action and finally take a break, however short, from your constantly running brain. I run on the hills as well, to become a part of the sunshine I run beside. It is my friend, goading me to greater lengths and speed.

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I`m not sure it is something that really can be explained, or should be, at least not at this stage. I suppose I`m a bit of a beginer runner, if not in spirit than in length of time. I have always run, from beloved soccer practice in Kindergarden to despised soccer practice in sixth grade. I ran on the field, I ran off of it. I ran during high school and middle school too, in short bursts here and there when the need overcame me. As a city girl, I ran to cross the street before I got hit by cars, and when I visited the countryside I ran to keep up with others.I ran in gym class, because I was forced to.

I didn`t run anymore than that, out of some need to preserve my dignity. What dignity couldbookworm have had? I regularly managed to do twelve minute mile runs, and that was with some spurts of jogging! But I really wanted to run. I wanted to be someone who could be at the front of the pack, who could run and do sports and consider it all to be a fun game. But it wasn`t. I was slow, and kind of embarrassed. So I resolved to simply stop trying, and give up on ever being good. Funny how I cared more about dignity and image then than I do now as an ‘adult’. (At least I am legally, even if I don`t feel like it!)

Why did I start running this year? I wanted to be fit, slim. I wanted to get my healthy time done and out of the way, because walking took so long and was much too boring for me.

But now, I run because it feels good. I jump out of bed in the mornings, and the first thing I want to do is run. And then I get started, and it feels so good to know how much I`ve improved since I started. It feels good to pump my legs, to move, to feel strong, to really feel alive. And when things get difficult, and my muscles burn and my breathing becomes short, and I feel good and strong knowing that I keep going despite that. And afterwards, when everything is sore and I`m kind of gross, I feel the blood still rushing through me, and it feels good to be alive.

I run because I like to, I need to, I want to, I must.

What is your workout system? Do you like running, or do you prefer something else?


10 thoughts on “Why I Run

    • Swimming is quite fun! It`s rather relaxing, as well. That is, if the pool isn`t full of a bunch of other people. Actually, I just like swimming in creeks and stuff more than nasty chlorinated pools that burn my nose. What about you?

  1. I’m a walker. Love the outdoors but the lungs just weren’t made for speed. I’m a bit jealous of runners! All the ones I seem to see are floating along without much effort by the looks of it. And it takes a lot longer to get places by walking. Perhaps I’m just a very very very slow runner….

    • I don`t naturally have much endurance either, but it has been so encouraging to see that improve! I`ve always been jealous as well, so I`ve started sloooowly 😉 I use the treadmill in the safety of my own home right now to avoid embarrassment, though I plan to move outside either in the Fall or next Spring so I can catch mild weather and a willing heart! That`s why I decided to speed things up despite myself, because it takes forever to see new things, and I`m too impatient for the scenery to stay the same for too long!

  2. I’m really lucky to live right on a beach with an awesome path bordering it. It makes for scenic runs and walks. Currently hobbling around on a broken ankle but love running in the sun! I applaud you for doing a treadmill. I don’t have the attention span for it.

    • Yeah, it`s not as exciting as being in the middle of nature when you are plodding on a treadmill, but I guess I`m just too much of a wimp to want others to see me going slow. I`m saving the outdoors for when I`m a few weeks into my program!

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