Prejudice is a funny thing. It`s an illness deep inside of a person that says “The world would be perfect if only they weren`t in it!” The thing about that, of course, is that there is always a layer of separation between people. If you were to listen to the sixties (United States Civil Rights Movement/ Racial Equality) and cut the world of every race that wasn`t Caucasian, there would still be different genders. If we were to cut out all of the men (70`s Feminist Movement) there would still be different heights among those remaining. If we were to cut out all of physically different looking, then we could cut out those who had different opinions, those with different experiences, those with different anything and everything. And then, once we had cut all of that away, there would be only one human left. And that one human would never be able to meet any standards of success they had created while there were other humans, because there would be nothing this one human would have to strive for, and they would get awfully lonely and depressed. There, the human race would end, because it got caught in the trap of thinking that similarity is preferential to differences.

The problem with that thinking goes beyond this. In that process of cutting out differences, there would be less gene variety, and all the humans left would have the same illnesses and mutations. That is because the strength of species we currently enjoy comes, at least partially, because of the huge variety found within our species. If we were to follow the racist`s train of thought, then there would be no gene variety left to enable our species to live in the different regions of Earth (yes, even Antarctica. No one lives there long term, but still…)

The problem with thinking that men, or women, or whichever is the root of all the failings of our race is similar. Without one, the other literally cannot live. If you must be logical about such matters, and look for reasons beyond different strengths and weaknesses that when combined compliment each other, the human race would die out without at least one member of the other gender. I`m sure you all know the facts behind the stork, so I`d rather not talk about that anymore!


“Animals who don`t seem to have a purpose, really do have a purpose!” Quote from the movie Babe, photo courtesy of

If we were to cut away all those who had different thoughts, we would have exactly what the Fascists searched for, for one thing. (Yep, if you aren`t a History nerd like me, that means the Nazis.) They were always trying to find the ideal country that looked beyond economic similarities (ideal Marxist style Communists searched for equal wealth and status for all) to sameness and unity in goals and mind. Beyond that, though, in the fact based world we`d see that too much similarity in mind is catastrophic. Where one man will see a river and turn away in despair, another will have an idea that some surface could be made to cross it. A third will make plans for a bridge, and a fourth will build it. If we only had the fourth person, how do we know he would have had the idea to make the bridge, or the realization that there was any problem at all? It was necessary to have all of them working on the problem in the first place to end with all of them being able to cross the river.

So the next time you think to yourself that the world would be a better place without that one person in it, maybe you need to reevaluate exactly why that person is so important to the world at large. Are they always saying mean things, and pushing you to do better in your work and try harder than ever before? Are they sitting homeless under a bridge, making you feel like you should give up a few possessions to help them, which leaves you less distracted by materialism and more happy in general?

Now, I know that those are rather selfish reasons. You should help people because you want to, not because you think it will improve you as a person! I`m just trying to highlight some of the threads that connect us all. And remember, just because a person seems useless, doesn`t mean they are! They serve a purpose in the world, and it might just do you good to find a reason to care about someone you currently would wish off the planet. After all, people who don`t seem to have a purpose, really do have a purpose!

What prejudices have you faced or felt, and how did you deal with it?


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  1. One of the divine gifts that makes us specifically human is individuality. Ridding ourselves of all prejudice is an important part of penitence as given by The Revelation of Arès, that is to say, becoming Good.

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