Liebster Award!

Waah! I Feel So Loved!

Thanks to EggYolkDays for nominating me! I have to say, there is something you have to love about a family blogging team! 🙂 The Liebster Award is for brand new bloggers, or something close enough to brand new. I havent even blogged through a whole year, so I guess I count. Im still really looking forward to doing my first Halloween, Christmas, and Birthday with you guys! You know, I actually make it a bit of a hobby of mine to run around looking for brand new blogs (the keyword “hello world” usually does the trick) and I give a few blogging hints and a virtual pie. I know, kind of a dorky idea, but it makes me feel like a good virtual neighbor! So Im really excited to hand these out to a few people Ive seen really grow and improve as bloggers, as well as some that are closer to my blogs "age".
<h2><span style="color:#00ffff;"><strong>THE RULES:</strong></span></h2>
<li>Post eleven facts about yourself. (Don
t repeat facts youve already shared, shake things up a bit!)</li>
<li>Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.</li>
<li>Choose eleven people <span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong><span style="color:#ff6600;text-decoration:underline;">(with fewer than 200 followers)</span></strong></span> to give this award to and link them in your post.</li>
<li>Go to their page and tell them.</li>
<li>Remember, no tag backs. So, if they have the award already, share it with someone new instead!</li>
I have to say, nothing digs at me as much as finding a Leibster handed out to bloggers with a ton of followers. I almost pulled out my hair when I saw one person give hers almost exclusively to people that had 1,000+ followers! (One of them to a blogger with only 600. Yeah, only. The sarcasm is invisible in type, but it still exists here!) Please, please hand this out to new bloggers, or relatively new ones, or just ones with few followers. It
s not fair to give all the credit to bloggers that are already very successful! That being said, Im not 100% on how many followers some bloggers have, as they dont all put up the widget for it, so instead I`ll go by the archives showing less than twelve months.

Now, why was I tracing every award nominee that was listed in that particular post? I suppose it is because I am a weird girl. More specifically, because I like to look up blog award winners (usually the keyword “blog award” has a lot of hits) and comment on their most recent post, and then follow each winner they chose and do the same to them. Its a nice way to find new bloggers and content, though I still like to look at my followers blogs as well!

11 Facts About Me from EggYolkDays

1. What is your favorite season? I can`t decide, but usually the season I`m in. There`s always something exciting and new to find in nature, so why limit yourself to only a portion of it?
2. Can you swim? Yes, and I really like to, though I`d never do it competitively (again.) I feel lazy in the water, so I really can`t race!
3. What is your least favorite food? Probably anything with gluten in it. I loathe it for being poisonous, and I get upset with myself for not ignoring it, and then I feel stupid for putting so much emotion in a food. It`s no good!
4. What color do you wear the most? Yellow. Remember me saying how much I wear it? It`s not that it is my favorite color, it just reminds me to look on the upside of life, because I tend to be pessimistic if I`m not careful.
5. What is your dream job? I have a list. It`s fifty dream jobs long so far. I think the better question is, what isn`t my dream job? So far, I would be a miserable mess if I was employed as a techie, mathematician, or sports player. Sports are games and I hate being serious, techie because I think I`m disabled with computers or something, mathematician because I hate it when they throw letters in and call them numbers.
6. Spicy or tangy? Both. I like to have a ton of flavors in my meals, and I get grumpy if there is only one or two flavors present.
7. Do you like your handwriting? Sometimes. When I use my fountain pen, it is absolutely gorgeous cursive. When I`m using anything else, it is rather ugly print, but it`s still completely legible. (Unlike what feels like the majority of my contemporaries.) Even my best and prettiest is nothing compared to my Uncle, though. He had a rather old fashioned upbringing, and I swear his handwriting looks like the ‘Old English’ type in Microsoft Word. It`s gorgeous!
8. Do you speak any other languages? Um, speak, yeah. I guess. Sort of. I`m working on writing Kanji in Japanese right now, and once I have the pronunciations down I`m going to work on grammar. Once I`m practically fluent I`ll be brave enough to actually speak in it! French I can read rather well, despite never taking a single French class. I`m going to focus on learning that once I`ve got Japanese nailed, because it is so easy for me.
9. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Just ask some of my friends. I`ve been calling my best friend`s cat ‘that demon black’ since I met it (with scratches on both sides) and I don`t think I`m ever really going to change my mind. Too many injuries from too many cats! That, and they never warn you. Those scratches came completely out of the blue, every time!
10. Hot drinks or cold drinks? Lukewarm. I always burn my mouth on hot drinks and my teeth hurt for cold drinks. I rarely drink anything besides water anyways, so it`s never really been a problem. I just fill my water bottle with tap water a few times a day and I`m good to go! (The U.S. tends to have very clean water as well as very thorough water treatment facilities, so it is completely safe to drink plain tap water. Some still buy purifiers or prebottled water, either because of taste or laziness to just refill a bottle themselves. It`s funny, because most bottled waters in the US are just tap water anyways. Maybe they have no sense of why such small ‘green’ measures are important, or sense of stewardship and responsibility for the planet? Like those awful people that don`t clean their campsites after using them!)
11. How do you keep track? (list, phone, calendar, etc.) I use Google calendar. My Nook tells me when I have new emails, so it works out. I like to use a paper planner for my school assignments, mainly so I can break down bigger projects to fight the procrastination problem I had in high school.



11 Questions For You:

  1. What is your favorite sport?
  2. What do you do as a hobby, besides what your blog is about?
  3. How do you make friends?
  4. Do you prefer animals, or people?
  5. Who is the/one of the most important person (friend, significant other, etc?) in your life?
  6. What`s your favorite genre for movies?
  7. How do you channel your creative outlet? (Besides blogging!)
  8. What`s your favorite kind of food?
  9. What`s your favorite kind of post to make? (Yes, this one is about your blog. Cause I didn`t want it to feel excluded :D)
  10. What is your most recent obsession?
  11. Left handed or right handed?

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