The Grove on The Coast

This photo was taken in Winter, so it is a little out of season for the poem, but it is so pretty I had to feature it! Taken at Great Falls Park by yours truly :)

                          The sheening white leaves

now they suddenly leave

as the flowers have faded away.

The shining new leaves

decked out in fresh green

in the wind they softly sway.

Here we see those trees

decked in their season`s majesty

and they keep my doldrums away.

Still they stand there

though ill tide land there

and washes more silt away.

In comes the tide

and the waters rise high,

But for me they cannot persuade.

For I will still stand here

and stare at the stars here

and together this inlet will hold sway

against the waters seeking to sweep us away.

Do you have any place near you that gives you that sense of wonder in nature and all it holds?


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