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Cottage Tea Pot      As you guys know, I`ve spent far too many posts talking about tea. I talk about tea shops, tea for stress, and tea for metabolism. To continue in that vein, I want to talk about tea pots today.

I guess I`m just a big fan of tea and tea things. There is just something about a teapot that makes you feel like you are cozy at home, curled about before a big fire as the snow softly falls in little puffs outside as you sit in the big wingchair by the fire and read a cozy book. I`m not exactly sure how I made the connection with tea, seeing`s how it rarely snows where I live and it is even rarer for it to be cold enough to require a fire, and rarest of all for me to have enough time to spend lazing before one. But the image of a soothing atmosphere is still strong regardless, which makes sense considering how important tea was in our family growing up.

My Mother always had a gigantic teapot collection that covered a shelf wrapping all around the kitchen in our home growing up. Unlike many other Americans, she actually drank normal hot tea. Those in the South Eastern region of the U.S. tend to put six teabags in a pot and add a ton of sugar for a syrupy substance called ‘sweet tea’, and those in the North East stick one bag and some hot water in a coffee mug and call it good. On the other hand, those in the big cities have frappuccinos, also known as frou frou (fancy) and those in the ‘Wild West’ have coffee black, so they don`t really factor much in a post about tea.

But my Mother is different. For one thing, just the thought of using cheap tea like Lipton strikes fear and loathing into her heart. I have to say, I kind of agree- it`s not really tea because it tastes more like dirt! So we buy good quality tea from an actual tea shop, boil water in the kettle, and brew it in actual tea pots; and even pour it into actual tea cups instead of using coffee mugs. It just makes things feel a little fancier and nicer I suppose! But to make all that tea, you have to at least have a tea pot.

Or you could have about fifty.

After you discount the ones in storage still waiting to see the light of day.


There you can see a five foot section of the great room wrapping wall of china. Ha! You see? Tea jokes!

There really are more than fifty pots, and this is just a few of them. There are teapots from England, Korea, Japan, Germany, Denmark, America, and even teapots made by members of the house. We even have a cow-jumps-over-the-moon teapot and a Cinderella`s pumpkin teapot, along with a section of ugly joke teapots. I think the only kind of pot missing is a Middle-Eastern style and a Russian style teapot, so I`d be pretty excited if someone let me know how I can get one of those.

Do you have a guilty little collection hanging around somewhere?


11 thoughts on “Tea pots

  1. Aw these tea pots are adorable! I had no idea tea could speed the metabolism…I’ll have to up my tea game, then (; Thanks for sharing!


    • That`s one of the reasons so many wax lyrical over green tea, though they think other kinds of tea (green, black, and possibly herbal) might do the same. I think they are quite cute, too! Adds a bit of whimsy 🙂

  2. I like tea too. It is higher in caffine and not as fattening as the rest of them. I liked my tea brewed or perked better. Pots are great decor though for other things.

      • Can you find a bottle of pure tea? I dont even like the fountain teas here. I am in CAlifornia. I make my own and put it in bottles now. Suppliers add crap to everything these days instaed of allowing people to add hteri own. They woudl besamrter by sellingit all by choice via free sampling.

      • Yeah, I hate all of the above. I brew my own, and drink my own, and I really hate the junk they have in most places. Tea shops and small cafes usually serve the good stuff with milk and sugar on the side, though, so that makes things a little easier!

  3. I. Love. Teapots. I had a beautiful huge collection that got accidentally given away in a move. I was really sad. Fortunately I’m rebuilding my collection. I have some really fabulous teapots… in fact, I’m feeling inspired. I think I’ll post a blog about my teapots too!

  4. I enjoy drinking tea. I like it strong with milk, preferably raw. I mostly drink English tea, PG Tips, but enjoy others also. That is my “everyday” tea. I have 3 teapots and several other brewing mechanisms such as holey spoons, a mug with a filter, a mesh ball, etc.

    Sometimes the cultural differences can be amusing. The French seem to go for dunk a Lipton yellow once in the cup whereas the English, well, that just wouldn’t be a proper cup of tea. 🙂 (I live in France in an area where there are a lot of British people.)

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