Visitor In The Night

The Moth

I had a lovely little visitor last night!

With his wings expanded, this guy must have been at least six inches from wing tip to tip. It was a lovely and rather awe inspiring sight, though I`m still not quite sure how he got between my two window panes. Maybe I secretly had left the screen pushed up? Either way, he was able to safely fly away unscathed, so I must assume it wasn`t a terribly dangerous method he employed. I`m just so sad that the picture was blurry!

I think one of my next posts needs to be about butterflies, then. At least I have one on inchworms, which are sort of similar to caterpillars, which are young moths or butterflies. It counts, right? Maybe one distinguishing between a moth and a butterfly? I`d be glad to write it if anyone would be interested!

What was one of your favorite unexpected visitors?


2 thoughts on “Visitor In The Night

  1. Six inches wide? Uf, that sounds a bit scary! A post distinguishing butterflies and moths would be super interesting – I’d read it (:


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