An Unlooked for Hero

Hubble Telescope, Courtesy of NASA, Hubble`s Website

Hubble Telescope, Courtesy of NASA, Hubble`s Website

And all and away
They settled on stars.
To escape from their lives,
They traveled afar.

They packed up their bags
and filled up their ships,
They chartered a course and set off
and so from their planet split.

The day of take off
was cheerful and bright
and even on the children
not a tear was in sight.

They waved their flags
and said their good byes
yet already all they saw
were distant places
and bright lit skies.

They shouldered their bags
and hopped all aboard.
They high fived each other
for their fate was not understood.

The journey started in morning
and continued past night,
the people became lonely
and all filled with fright.

A young man came round
to passenger and crew,
he set out to with them
find something to do.

They played hopscotch
and backgammon,
ate snickerdoodles
and ramen.

But despite all their efforts
and the young man`s stalling,
boredom set in;
It came a callin`.

So they hustled on
to the far up bunks,
they hunkered down
wishing they never left town.

Yet in their hearts
hope was still strong
for far off adventure
has a strong siren`s song.

They talked and they rattled
in their empty prattle
they continued
to talk and prattle.

It was very boring,
and exceedingly dull.
I will not proceed
to tell of it all.

Eventually they made it
and found their no home no haven.
It was full of dust
and dry done air.
There was no laughter,
not there.

It was a dissapointment
and all were sad.
But a man in the back said
“This is not so bad.

Here we have a chance,
to make something good and new.
I urge you to take it.
I do, I do!”

So they looked at one another,
and grudgingly agreed.
Yet in all their thoughts
was of a place where they`d rather be.

A place far away
they left that first day.
The site of their miseries
and hearts` disarray.

Yet it seemed to be perfect
and good and right,
such is the way of memories
in uncertain times.

They set up tents
and gathered some twigs.
They set up a camp
they could handle living in.

They dug deep wells
and tried not to dwell
on the far away land
they left that first day.

Yet all they could find
And all they could see
Was  the troubles `pon their hearts
Would not so easily let be.

They pondered and prattled,
And wondered for long.
They sought and they hoped
For all their burdens to be gone.

Then one among them stood up,
Young, yet brave.
He felt he had to speak to the people that day.

Whispers and hoots
Came forth from the back,
Yet still he spoke
Till his naysayer`s words went slack.

“I do not understand this hullabaloo.
What is the problem I now ask you?”

And some said men,
and some said cats,
and some said tents that always fall flat!
He listened to them silently,

And when voices petered out,

Who spoke up again till he raised a great shout.

He spoke of honor and speed and strength.

He spoke of earning all these traits.

That you have shared hard work and sweaty brow,

That you have worked hard until you knew how,

That you may share love with all you see,

Though the hardest that will always be!

He spoke of dreams and visions he`d always had,

Though he was oft` called a ‘useless lad’.

And when all in the assembly were inspired,

He said one thing to drive their desires.

“Though I too have troubles,

And I`ve often had strife,

Still I feel this is a wonderful life.

And though nothing is perfect and never will be

(Especially not with incapable, messed up me)

There are wonderful moments that I daily see.

So when I see a new bloom, Or gaze at distant stars,

I know I can find some of that wonder

In my own wonderful heart.

And though I`m imperfect

With mistakes stretching many yards,

Thoughts such as these

Bring comfort to  my heart.
And the audience glowed
and set up a cheer,
for somehow he`d known
what they`d needed to hear.

And they wondered in their hearts
as to who he could be.
How could such a wise lad
never `afore been seen?

And one among them muttered of their trip
where his wise gaming
ended boredom`s growing grip.

Another soon spoke up
of the man who set up camp
who looked like the boy
but did more than a champ.

Soon stories `a flooded
of his great deeds
which no one had noticed much
till his great speech.

They talked and conspired
of a new found desire
of a mayor who seemed good and right,
who might get them inspired.

He himself was in the back
and smiled to himself,
they made a big fuss
but their eyes
always left him out.

Then another in the crowd
spoke up a little higher
of a great man who`d told them
to not journey high,
but try a little longer below the sky.

He was rich and prosperous
and had all that he`d need,
he tried to make them stay,
but they`d paid no heed.

He told them of what could go wrong,
of all the things that had indeed.
He`d tried to warn them,
but he didn`t suceed.

And when he had failed
he felt pushed to help them
so he`d scrambled aboard
regardless of the fees.

They heard he was returning
and could easily afford it,
they heard when things were settled
he`d leave.


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  1. That is one of the longest poems I liked. Usually they don’t keep me that long suffering the pain I do.

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