Falling Water

I`m a big fan of good architecture. Really, I am. It`s just that, usually, I tend to prefer traditional architecture. You know, Victorian, Federal, Gothic- it all stirs my artistic soul. Usually when I see some famous piece of modern architecture I just scoff. “Yeah, that`s interesting; but it has no story, no soul!”

It`s a good thing I`m young enough to not be stuck in these prejudices. Because some of them were proven wrong.

Copyright GreatZambini

Copyright GreatZambini

When I went to Falling Waters, arguably the most famous of Frank Loyd Wright`s Midcentury Modern Designs, I was a little awestruck.

Copyright GreatZambini

Copyright GreatZambini

So if you are ever traveling through Pennsylvania, drop by. It`s great architecture, and the natural environs are gorgeous as well!

Do you have any reviews on examples of architecture I should visit or be aware of?


7 thoughts on “Falling Water

  1. That’s so exciting! Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favorite designers. I go to Arizona State University and he actually designed the theater that’s on my campus. I’d love to visit one of his houses one day.

    • Wow, that sounds so exciting to have access to that kind of work all the time! Though I guess I can`t complain since I live in D.C., and we have a lot of famous stuff around here too. But have you visited any preserved pueblo structures? Manitou Springs was the most exciting thing I ever saw in my life, but that may be because I specialize in ancient civilizations.

      • I’ve been to Montezuma Castle in Camp Verde numerous times and it still amazes me every time I see it. They’re not pueblo structures, but cliff dwellings. I’m majoring in Design but if I wasn’t I’d definitely be studying anthropology. I’m kind of a history buff 🙂

      • I see my error now. I will study more so I can be more knowledgeable! I`m not actually in anthropology, I`m a dual major history and business major, but they are pretty similar. I would be majoring in design, but I have artistic ADD. I can never stick to one branch of arts for more than a few months, which wouldn`t really be conductive to a job…

      • Oh no, it wasn’t really an error, the remnants just different. A pueblo’s foundation is on the ground, cliff dwelling are carved into the cliff. Ancient Native Americans tribes have several types of dwellings.

        I feel that way sometimes because I know I can’t do the same thing for the rest of my life. But the beauty about art and design is that you can mix and match skill sets with different fields.

      • Oh, I see. How fascinating! Well, then, I suppose it is cliff dwellings that fascinate me. It makes sense that there are many types of dwellings to learn about, considering there are thousands of tribes in N. America right now, let alone the ones that no longer exist! I think that is the beauty of thought in general, that the human mind is able to combine so many seemingly different things into one new and wonderful thing. I love cross study!

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