Outstanding Omelette


I was still feeling like cooking and experimenting and eating today. I figured the best way to do that would be to make a new recipe! And so, feeling the need to test the boundaries of my spicy food bravery, I decided a sri racha omelette was the only way to go.

OmeletteLooks pretty spiffy, doesn`t it? It tasted really good too! I just put some mushrooms inside of my omelette, and then covered it in paprika, sri racha, and chives. Very yummy, though in the end not terribly adventurous. I think some gouda would taste very good stuffed inside the omelette, but I`m slowly cutting back on my dairy intake, so I decided to skip it this time around. Very virtuous of me, isn`t it?

With all of this protein, this would make a perfect after-workout meal. You need to have some protein within an hour of a workout to retain muscle toning made during your workout. And after a nice sweaty run, this is something relatively easy and super yummy to throw together.

Too bland, or too spicy for you? What changes would you make?


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