When Life Gives You Lemons…

Yesterday evening, a frantic Zambini was scrambling to create a lovely post for you. In between visions of gumdrops were dancing and fawning fans, ready to praise my very pen. (Really, I dont think anyone would be that dramatic, and I think Id be a little scared if they were waxing lyrical over any post, no matter how extraordinary. And I`m not really sure my blogging is at the super level, let alone extraordinary!) But then the Wicked Witch of the Webs (ok, technology, but it sounded so much cooler with another ‘W’.) waved her wand, and lightening struck down all those dreams and fantasies of adoring fans and readers.

Right now, at this very moment, you are supposed to be viewing a lovely review post for a restaurant I visited earlier this week. Failing that, I had some back up pictures ready to load in case of any technical problems. So you know what happened? My phone and laptop got in a hissy fit, and for some reason the bluetooth doesnt work with either. Email? No. My phone is too old to directly send pics by email. Its either a photo text, or via Bluetooth. And when bluetooth is down, I don`t see how sending a picture text to my same phone would work. It would kind of be a pointless cycle. So what happened to my plan B photos? My USB drive that had plan B pictures on it is mysteriously empty of all files. So, that means no back up photos, no little blog post ideas, no random poems that I make on rainy days. Actually, I had a 75 page manuscript on that baby, so I think that may be the biggest heartbreak of all. I mean, it took me a lot of work to get to 75 pages, since I have ADD writing and imagination. (No offense meant to those that genuinely suffer from ADD.)

Twitter`s fail whale seems apt here.

So, in the end, what does that mean I have to share with you lovely readers today? Nothing. No post, no back up post, no back up plan C random poetry posts. No manuscript. Beyond the viral, there is also no job, or money, or Summer classes, or really anything right now. And that manuscript was giving me all kinds of writer`s block, which will make rewriting it even more depressing.

Nothing but a lousy post where I complain about life and the universe.

So, when life gives you lemons, throw them back in the universes face. Then take a nap. Then go out for a run to get you a little energized and revved up for the day. And then, and only then, you may feel recovered enough to make a new set of back up poems, some of which may be awe inspiring enough to utilize as plan A posts. Who knows? Something cool has to come around after these disappointments. Its the law of equal and opposite reactions!

Now Im discovering that I have some paintings in me, and I feeling brash enough to just put them on canvas and skip making a million timid sketches. Huh. Maybe a day out of control doesnt always lead to a lost cause.

So please wait for photos of actual art (not the lousy sketches that are all you have seen on this blog so far, except perhaps the Puffin) of which there should be at least one tomorrow. In the meantime, after my run I think Ill make up a poem thats a  bit less angst-y than this post it.

Does anyone else have these problems with technology that seem to plague me?


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