Reflective Still Life

Reflective Still Life

The great challenge of drawing reflective materials, of course, is representing the reflective qualities while also giving the piece some sense of separation from what is surrounding it. And cutting out the inevitable reflections of humans in the studio and the changing light also made things a little messy. Of course, that fact that I was using pencils, perhaps my worst medium, may also have contributed to the difficulty. Either way, all in all this piece took me about three months to complete. To give a sense of the reason why, though, you should know that this piece is about 3 feet by 2 feet big. It`s a pretty big bit of real estate to cover, but somehow I managed it.

This was done purely with #2 led, on paper, 3′ x 2′, paper is bent slightly on the side.

Probably not worth trying to sell, huh? It seems funny that the student artist, who is most in need of money, is the one who has few outlets to make any. Maybe one day my writing will take off and I`ll publish a novel instead?


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