Moving Sideways

I`ve tried something crazy and ambitious. I have no idea if it will work at all, but I`m hoping it worked out. You see, in a burst of creative inspiration after a short hiatus I felt like trying to add a crossword puzzle on here. You know, that`s actually a twisty proposition. There are programs out there, of course, but they won`t let you download the puzzle, or they add tons of adds into the mix. Luckily, I finally found one that I will think will work, though I`ve never uploaded a PDF to my blog. We`ll see how it goes!


In case you were wondering where I was all weekend (certainly not on my blog!) We just celebrated a relatively major holiday. Memorial Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States to remember the men and women in current and past wars. In case you were curious, it is different from Veteran`s Day in that it celebrates the fallen, whereas Veteran`s Day is to remember those currently serving. I think. I`m not actually entirely certain, to tell you the truth. Probably my confusion owes to the fact that it is never observed as it was meant to be for the most part, but it is the first day off in the Summer and since it is always on a Monday it creates a long weekend, so it`s really a big family reunion, barbecuing, and excuse for small town parades holiday more than having much to do with anything military, though of course most military families treat it with a lot more respect and reverence than us civilian city folk!



Now, here is my wonderful Cross word puzzle. Feel free to guess at the answers in the comments and defend your line of thought. I`ll share the answers sometime during the week, and you will all pull out your hair and feel grumpy with my absurd turn of mind, and we`ll be better entertained for it. Let`s go!


By the way, I am very sorry that it turned out to be a dumb link. I suppose you`ll have to open another page, and that will frustrate you, and ultimately no one will bother to play my game, but thank you anyways for coming to this page. I`ll just go sulk in a corner now that I see technology secretly hates me, thank-you-very-much.


3 thoughts on “Moving Sideways

  1. lol the hot dog & grill picture is priceless. I actually laughed out loud!
    Good for you for trying something different. My blog took a turn for the political yesterday. Whoops.

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