Down By The Waterside


green fishposted buhaypilipino chat

Down by the riverside is a glowing green scale.

A young boy, bored by his fishing endeavors, picked the scale up and twiddled it in his fingers.

It was quite a shock as he felt his whole body twist and change, his memories ending  even as his gills gulped oxygen from the murky depths.

To this day, no one knows what happened to the little boy, but the old ladies still talk of the remaining clue in fear.

By a pair of abandoned sneakers, a new glowing scale has replaced the last, ready to find a new body.

Pretty spooky, huh? I guess I was a little inspired by those terrifying stories told around campfires on hot Summer nights. I think this is the first time I`ve ever written anything remotely scary, so I guess I`m a little proud of the combined challenge of using a new genre and trying to stay within the five sentence challenge!  Hooray for challenges. :)

Are you up to the challenge of five sentence fiction? If you want to make it even harder, do it in a genre you never use!


5 comments on “Down By The Waterside”

  1. Unless it is for My Mr. Impecabble alone, I am just no good in fiction that can be read by the public in any amount of lines. I only do that romance daily bread thing for him alone.

      1. No my favotire hoobies are to read others good works here and present buying for the family and friends. Now I get to buy the presents and get travel in too!

      2. Ooooh, travel is a wonderful hobby! I always get reeved up for my yearly trip to some new and exciting place, I hope you get to go to fun places as well! :)

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