The plague of the Summer is here. The soft whirring and copious amounts of exoskeleton coating the ground affirm that they have come. The plague, the menace, and the nuisance: cicadas.


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Lucky us, not only is it cicada season, but it is also the seven year ‘spike’ where a special breed of cicada which lays dormant among tree roots finally comes out into the open air. That means that it is kind of creepy to even go out walking in the yard, as it feels like every square inch is covered in these nuisances as well as their many abandoned ‘shells’.

Life Cycle

A regular cicada incubation period can be between 2-17 years, depending on the variety. The larvae live in grooves made by their mothers set in tree limbs or roots, and they feed of the trees sap. Adult cicadas also spend their time in trees, and will use their short lifespan to reproduce. No, it really is short. Like, a few days. Or, for some, one day. Kind of makes me wonder how there are so many when they have so little time to make any kids.
<h2><em><span style="color:#339966;">A Tasty Treat</span></em></h2>
There are apparently a lot of people out there that don
t find these things to be crummy nuisances. In fact, some people view them as a rare delicacy for eating. Now, I love a good bit of sea bug, because I suppose thats basically what shellfish and seafood are, but thats because Im ok with eating buggy things as long as there is no exoskeleton. Id be the first to admit the thought of eating grasshoppers or cockroaches terrifies me, so I really cant say anything about specific bugs. But cicadas? They really are bug eyed creeps. With red eyes. And even rarer ones with ghostly blue eyes. I dont know about you, but that seems to go above and beyond the normal ickiness factor associated with eating bugs. I suppose the best way to handle it is to let them eat the bugs, and me avoid watching them!

Some Cross Words

Earlier in the week, you will remember my fun little experimental word search. Have you guessed any of the answers yet? You really should at least try solving the Crosswords before you look at the answers! Well, I suppose I can cave and let you know what the answers are now.

Generally:Quickly, quietly, laughingly but a human!

Circle:This is pointless

Plate:Washable Frisbees

Gravity:What goes up must come down

Lightbulb:illustrates ideas

Tuna:human catfood

Chaise:lazily running

Washitape:Sticky substance that is not food grade, but could be

Floribunda:an abundant amount of flora

Basket:storage for crazy is woven into the plot

Sun:The light which hasn`t turned off

Moon:The largest mirror

Hail:honored precipitation

Wood:that which marmots never eat

Roots:always reaching, always eating, yet stands still

Chess:The battle where no man dies

Makeup:forgiveness and source of strife

Pawpaw:North American fruit never sold in stores

Stag:Prince of the forest, prey of the kings

Hart:A loving creature

Sheep:A wet blanket

Elf:A creature of many shapes, sizes, and stories

Rainbow:Nature`s jackpot

Bedouin:Sleepy Nomads

Clock:Always on time

AloeVera:Injures and heals (two parts)

Foundation:A reliable influence

Door:The start of an adventure

Illness:The act of being extremely hot and very chilly

Alpaca:fluffy and grumpy are not small men

The clues and answers are a bit diabolical, arent they? I guess Im a diabolical woman. Sorry if you pulled any hairs out while doing the puzzle! 🙂

How do you feel about eating red or blue eyed wee beasties?


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)