Poetry Challenge Week: Day 2

Poetry Challenge

We are continuing the poetry challenge. Hopefully you did your homework yesterday and found at least one poem you actually liked, so you wont be feeling so dejected at this point. That will also help inspire you for the challenge today! We are still taking this whole poem crafting experience slowly, so here is day twos challenge:

Day 2 Challenge: Write One Line That could Be Part Of a Poem

Yesterday we found a poem that we liked, and that could really inspire your line for today! We are taking it slow and easy, so this one sentence could really be absolutely anything. But, if you want more pointers than that, here is some inspiration!

The Riparian Corridor (blog @ dot com)

The Riparian Corridor (blog @ dot com)

1. You can do a descriptive sentence.

The cicadas whir in the sultry Summer heat. The basketball team`s champion honed his focus and landed the ball. The giraffe munched happily on his feed.

You really don`t have to worry about things like rhyming or structure, as those things develop with the second sentence in a poem. You really are just breaking some of those boundaries and pushing yourself to do something scary. So good for you!

2. You can do a ‘tell it how it is’ sentence.

He curled up in a ball, his pain and regrets siphoning off his strength. She ran away from home today, and left behind regrets. The heart is brittle and weak, falling before the last bloom can protest. That bubbling feeling through his toes, wiggled his ears, tickled his nose.

This sort of sentence is about emotions. A lot of people use poetry to express grittier emotions and situations, but you can also share more upbeat emotions like that last sentence. If your example poem was a rap about the poor mans plight, or a poem about heartbreak, then this is probably the poem style for you.
<h3><span style="color:#33cccc;">3. You can do a 'randomizer' sentence.</span></h3>
Something fun and off beat is the goal here. Poetry doesn
t always have to be deep and dark, you can make it cheerful and carefree as well! If you chose a Shel Silverstein poem for your example, this is probably the type of poetry you like best, so youd be best advised to try it out for your own poetry writing style.
<h2><span style="color:#99cc00;">You Can Do IT!</span></h2>
Remember, this is just one sentence. You don
t need to plan out a rhyming scheme, or plot out your next lines. We are taking it slow and easy, so you can just do step 2 without worrying a bit about your future endeavors!

If you do participate, feel free to share your sentence in the comments below! We are all poets trying to start our first poems or trying to improve our ‘advanced’ poetry skills (There really is no such thing in poetry, just the length of time you`ve been writing poems) so there is no need to feel embarrassed or hesitant to share!


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