Poetry Challenge Week: Day 4

Poetry Challenge

So, the story so far:

Day 1 we decided that there might could possibly be some poems out there that don`t suck, and that it might be a worthy goal to make a poem of your own.

Day 2 we faced our fears and wrote the first sentence in a poem.

Day 3 we ignored rhyming, rules, and rhythm, and wrote whatever we darn well pleased for the next line/s in the poem.

Day 3 Sort of Has Three Challenges…

Reach The Finish Line

So whats really left to do? If you didnt finish your poem on Day 3, because just adding that second line was too much stress for you, then you might want to do that today. Im not saying it isnt still a scary thing to do for you, but since you have come so far, I believe that you are capable of going even farther. So I encourage you to finish that poem.

Pat Yourself On The Back!

And when your poem is done, the question of what to do with it may pop up. I mean, this is a major milestone you have in your hands (or in a Word document on your computer) Well, aside from everything else, we have done a freestyle kind of poem. We wrote whatever, and it was nice. Did you really write your poem so that you could throw it in the fire? Even if it isn`t the best quality, or best poem ever written, it is still a piece of your poetic writing journey. Be proud of it! Frame it, or stick in the bottom of your filing cabinet, behind your bed, wherever. Put it where it can be kept safely, or place it where you are bound to come into contact with it later and feel a little glow for doing something that had seemed so difficult in the beginning.

Feel proud of how it turned out? Post it on your blog! There your readers can ooh and aah over your impressive skill, and pat you on the back for doing such a scary thing. If you dont have a blog, or you just want to decorate my space here, Id be honored if you were to post your poem in the comments below this post. Thank you for your kind donation!

Liked the feeling of writing poetry? Write more! Its like doing yoga or something, it really helps me decompress when Im stressed by doing some freeverse. And I can always go back through my writers notebook, and find an emotion from a better time when Im feeling down. An instant high with no drugs or damage! Now, who doesnt like the sound of that?
<h2><span style="color:#33cccc;">The Next Step</span></h2>
Well, at this point in the Poetry Challenge, you are what I would call an 'intermediate' poet. I know we said there aren
t really different levels of poets, but I guess that isnt 100% accurate. Its not that there are skill levels or classes you can finish that will give you a different belt, like a marital arts class. Your ‘poet level’, if we want to call it something so silly sounding, is based on how you feel. Remember when I said that poems are basically all emotion? Those that try to analyze poetry are sort of trying to translate those emotions into thoughts, but you and I both know that doesnt really work. If you study psychology, youll have heard of Freuds Id, the subconscious level of thought where we find a persons true self, what lies beneath all those layers and masks humans tend to wear. Thats poetry. Its sort of your normal writing, without clothes. Its got your thoughts and feelings just laying out there for the world to read. But that doesnt mean you dont have any hope of putting some <em>finesse</em> into it! There are times when you want poetry that is raw and in your <strong><em>(well, actually the audiences) face about your (Yes, this is actually you the author`s. Amazing to find honesty here, of all places!) feelings.

There are lots of things you can do to polish up a piece of writing. You can experiment with different formulas (limericks, hiakus, etc), use rhyme, utilize literary devices like personification and alliteration (see, rhyming already!) and even use different genres. Now, you may be wondering, “How can there be genres in poetry? Its not like a novel, so a genre really isnt going to happen.” Wrong! You can still have horror poems like Quoth the Raven: Nevermore, adventure poems like the Illiad (happens to also be an epic, but you could do a shortie.), and romance poems. Actually, Im pretty sure you knew all about romance poems. It seems like that is the only kind of poem anyone writes. I was on the board for the literature magazine in highschool (I was on the board and in the club for <em>everything</em> in highschool, except sports. Really, I did, like, thirty clubs my senior year.) and about 80% of the submissions were about love, and searching for love, and ending love. So, I really dont want to give you pointers on romance poems.

But, I think to bump your (and my!) poems up to the next level, we need to add some exciting elements to your poetry. So let`s dive into using different genres to our poems. What an exciting twist, I really am giggling in my seat as I type!

courtesy of 123rf clipart site

courtesy of 123rf clipart site


Sweat falling as they ran to their fate,

swords clashing in this strange twisted race.

The victor stands strong among the fallen,

his chest of gold forever would be calling.

But remorse dug deep spurs even as the pirate walked away.


Blood sluggishly pumping,

through gaps and missing pieces.

The cry of the infected

floating down all the streets.

The inhabitants hiding behind their barricaded walls,

hearing the inevitable “Brainzzz” calls!

You want more examples?

Ive got more examples. Ive done Sci-Fi poems, fantasy, nature, seasons, really abstract, (lots of abstract poems!). Ill admit, Ive never tried doing a mystery poem. I think it would end up being at least a thousand words, if not more, so I`m not really sure that anyone would actually want to read it. What do you think?

I think thats the next thing Ill try to write, actually. Thats what poetry challenge week is all about! Were pushing ourselves in new directions, and finding that it`s fun to do so!

So, for your Day 3 Challenge: Write A Poem In A New Genre!

Please feel free to share your efforts and encouragement in the comments below!


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