Poetry Challenge Week: Day 5

Poetry Challenge

Our Adventure So Far…

Wow, weve reached the fifth day already! I feel like we have done so much, and come so far. Thats probably because its true, though! We really have gotten a lot done. We <a title="Poetry Challenge Week: Day 1" href="http://thegreatzambini.com/2013/05/31/poetry-challenge-week-day-1/">found some poems</a> that were worth reading and decided that writing poetry might not be such a boring task after all, <a title="Poetry Challenge Week: Day 2" href="http://thegreatzambini.com/2013/06/01/poetry-challenge-week-day-2/">wrote our first ever line</a> in a poem and found that it wasnt so scary a task, finished our first poem, and started experimenting with genre in our freestyle poetry. We are actually kind of still in that phase two intermediate poet level where we are pushing the basic freestyle poem into the next level, with some new experimentation to add to our success. So, what`s next in the intermediate coursework? Why, the epic, of course!

courtesy of Wikipedia

courtesy of Wikipedia

Day 5: Write a Poem That Tells a Story

A lot of our poems are just expressing some emotions or a quick capturing of our thought process. It really pushes your poetry in a whole new direction when you introduce storytelling into the mix. It doesnt have to be formal like the Iliad or Odyssey, however. I remember reading a book in elementary school that was an epic, and it was the story of heartbreak from a young boys point of view in his writers notebook, to be read by his teacher. It followed a relatively linear plot line, and there werent any obviously tricky statements or sentences- the purpose was to just share a story, with a lot of floating lines and slightly less connection than you might find in a traditional narrative form. But it was still beautiful, still sharing a story, and still a form of poetry. Ive always been fascinated by this form that unifies my two favoite forms of writing, so I did some <a title="Inchworm: The Epic" href="http://thegreatzambini.com/2013/03/08/inchworm-spring/">experimenting</a> with it in the blog a bit earlier. Not exactly an epic, but it was something close. Maybe that sort of childrens story rhyming epic is just what you would want to try to put your foot in the door of epic writing. Or maybe you want to sit down right now and get writing, and Ill hear back from you in a few months to find that youve finished a full length epic and you are sending it off to the publishing houses. Whether you do a ‘short story’ epic style or a full narrative, its pretty impressive that you are doing one at all, so dont get discouraged!

Please share any finished or partial epics in the comments below, or link to this post on a post on your blog. That way we can spread the word of how beautiful poetry can be!


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