Poetry Challenge Week: Day 7

I know, it seems a little weird to have the week end on a Friday. On the other hand, Im sure the second you get out of work, it feels like the week ended for you, so I think it tends to work out in the end. So, what have we been doing for this Poetry Challenge Week thing? Somewhere between a workshop, competition, and Summer camp, weve been working hard trying our keyboards on poetry this week, and I for one had a blast doing it!

Not completely up-to-date on our story so far? Lets check the camp schedule to do a quick retrospective on the week.
<h2><span style="color:#ff9900;">Day 1: Find A Poem You Like</span></h2>
We did some work sifting through our fears on poetry and trying to put the past and its painful poetry writing experiences behind us. We discovered that good poetry is out there, and decided that there could be a chance of actually enjoying poetry, and decided to try our hands at crafting some of our own poems.
<h2><span style="color:#f253d2;">Day 2: Write The First Line in your First Poem</span></h2>
We did some introspection on this one to discover why we used to hate writing poetry so much. Then we dipped our toes into the water by writing one non threatening line. Victory achieved, and it tasted so sweet!
<h2><span style="color:#ff9900;">Day 3: Finish Your First Poem</span></h2>
We then added a second line to yesterday
s work, slowly and with not a little caution. Then, finding our heads still intact and ache free, we pushed ourselves to throw in another line, and maybe even more. The third day, and the thrill of success blew our minds. Maybe, just maybe, if you could conquer poetry, you could conquer something else as well?

Day 4: Pushing The Limits- Playing with Genre in Poetry

We made a bit of a leap, going from finishing our first ever (non scary creative process) poem! Today we moved into experimenting with poetry. We experimented with horror, adventure, and romance. It made our poems even more fun to make and read!

Day 5: Write a Poem That Tells A Story

Today we started to blur the lines between narrative and poetry. Whether everyone chose to make book long poems (epics) or not, we all made some length of poem that was telling a story plot instead of just sharing a snapshot in time or emotions. What an experience!

Day 6: Breaking Freestyle

We did a lot of poems before we got here. But they all were roughly the same. You see, all the prior poems were considered ‘freestyle’- which is to say, there were no rules. But structure can actually challenge you to push yourself into making some work which is even better than what you do with no restraint. That`s why we did some structured poems! We played with humorous limericks, relaxing haikus, and creative quatrains.

participant badgeSo what now? I think congratulations are in order! I congratulate you for participating in any of the challenge days, and I encourage you to drop by again next year! Id be honored if you would post this badge on your blog as well. If you use a wordpress blog, you can just click on the picture, copy the picture URL, and paste that URL in the blank image widget you moved to the right side.
<h2><span style="color:#993366;">Thank you for your participation and feedback, and I
m looking forward to seeing future poems from you!


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