Caves in Normalcy

This is an oil pastel, roughly sort-of-kind-of-may-be-not-at-all in the manga style. Which, I guess it works that I didn`t achieve that really at all, because for one thing that`s not my style, and for another that would make me a follower. Not that I`m a hipster or anything, and I know that all art is at least partially influenced by another`s art, but I don`t want to follow anyone else`s style too closely just because the harder you try to make your work look exactly like someone else`s, the more likely you are to end up with complete rubbish. And, in case you couldn`t figure it out your self, no artist wants to make rubbish. That`s why they are all green freaks and stuff. Stereotyping much? Not at all. Because there doesn`t exist a single human whom is nothing more than an artist (they are also eaters, sleepers, coffee drinkers, and much more) so a stereotype is dependent on an isolated case. Flawed logic? Good. `Cause that`s what Z`s like me do. (See, you thought I was going to stereotype artists again, didn`t you? Fooled ya!)

I used oil pastels (like I just said), but I also used some charcoal pencils and a #2 pencil. Can you see where I used what?

Pastel GirlI know, the flower isn`t the best, but there was some experimenting involved on this one. So enjoy what you do see!


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