I`d be the first to admit that I`m scared of haikus. I used to be quite proud of my ability to use the short and strict form to make something beautiful, but then I was told by my Japanese teacher that mine was the worst in the class. (She actually said a lot of nice things and waffled, but everyone else`s work was submitted for the Japanese as a foreign language highschooler haiku competition thingy) To be fair, for one thing, this happened many years ago now, and it is really something I should move on from.

photo courtesy of yannatry.blogspot.com

photo courtesy of yannatry.blogspot.com, photo of Scottish Highlands


For another, I had spent years crafting American style haikus, which really are rather different in subject matter from proper haikus. I mean, I grew up learning the syllable rules, but the whole nature theme and a few stereotypical illustrations of the theme were complete secrets. For example, in American culture, Fall is associated with falling leaves. That`s why Fall is the nickname for the season whose proper name is Autumn! But in Japan, Fall is best seen by leaves floating on a stream. There are a lot more secret connections that I`m still unaware of, so you can understand why I wouldn`t be able to make haikus very well compared to my classmates who were much more in tune with Japanese culture. I mean, I took the class because the kanji look pretty to me, and they took it because they were anime and manga fanatics. Two separate worlds, really!

But now I have accepted the fact that I`m not going to make poetry like another person, after my inspiring journey with you all in Poetry Challenge Week. Even if I had been raised and born in Japan, I would still do my poetry a little differently, because I`m a different kind of person. And that`s ok! That`s what poetry is, right? A way of illustrating your soul, almost, so it makes sense that mine would be different! So, without further ado, I`m going to let you see a haiku from me. Cheers, bravery!

Silver droplets rain

Across the endless Mountain

A snug cabin fire.

If you`ve had run ins with criticism in your poetry, or just dejection in general, you can look at my posts from poetry week. You can try doing a haiku too! I`d love to see yours in the comments below, or in a post on your blog with a pingback to me! Let`s spread some poetry bravery together. (:


9 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. I like the haiku
    I think I can not do one.
    good for you

    I really do not follow rules
    not even in poetry
    I think the famous poets
    that we love just went with it
    and that is why they are famous
    they love what to do

    good for you
    embracing your poetry

    P.S. maybe I will try to do one on my next post 😉
    but I never done one

  2. I think that is beautiful. Excellent work! I also tried my hand at haiku a few weeks ago on my blog. It’s definitely a struggle for me but it’s a worthwhile endeavor in order to expand my skills as a writer. . . and yours!! 🙂

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