The Drive To Write

I love responding to blog challenges. They challenge me, and they make me feel like eventually I will have someone respond to some of my challenges. Even better, I have had some people respond to my challenges, and it is only fair to pass on that blogger love! Like the lovely Doris in this post. I love that feeling you get when someone responds to one of your challenges or questions, or when people just let you know they are alive! So I saw a post from theimperfectpoet and decided to take her up on the challenge, and spread the love a little farther! 😀

Copyright The Great Zambini

Copyright The Great Zambini

I can feel
The words
I want to say
The things I want to do
It wasn`t always this way
It`s work
lots of work
It`s life.
But I can
I can do it
I can push myself
And just be
A writer
Like I`ve wanted.
The person
I`ve wanted
To be.

And maybe
just maybe
with that same
and thought
it can be
like in
the past.

You`ve ever had the problem with being too serious with your art/writing/cooking/life? How do you combat those tendencies? Share in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “The Drive To Write

  1. Thank you for mentioning me, it is true the challenges bring you closer to others.

    I love the poem, I know the feeling, but the way you ended just perfect, it should be fun like it use to and never stopping.

    you know what I been doing I been every day I do something different like for example I did french macarons and did’t come good but it was so much fun trying something other than art, I could not write for the pass two weeks so I started doing different things, and my mind calm down and I did two poems yesterday. So sometimes is just letting go and go with the flow like the picture, beautiful picture by the way.

    Keep it up!

    • I know what you mean! Usually I hate gardening because it feels like a bunch of work, but when I`m in the middle of working on my draft (trying to write a novel) it becomes soothing to weed out the beds. And sometimes I alternate some art to space out my writing!

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