Month: September 2013

Ragin` Road

All the little bugs scuttle around fighting, shoving, pushing the competition out of the lane. One little girl loses her ball, she chases her ball, she steps foot in the street. One. Two. There is no little girl, the girl is gone. All the bugs swarm the street, pushing, shoving. They do not know that

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Kazak People – Kazakhstan & China

I found a lovely post at Ajaytao2010 via Kazak People – Kazakhstan & China. Snippets and bits grabbed from across the interwebs have been woven together to show the tapestry of one culture. Or something like that. They just seem like a rustic and beautiful culture, so it`s making me feel a little poetic right

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Open Minded

                     As I go through college, I become more and more impressed with how closed minded a self proclaimed ‘open minded’ individual tends to be. It seems to be a term used to describe a person who wants to be known as modern, and most likely liberal, rather than applying

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