Kazak People – Kazakhstan & China

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I found a lovely post at Ajaytao2010 via Kazak People – Kazakhstan & China. Snippets and bits grabbed from across the interwebs have been woven together to show the tapestry of one culture. Or something like that. They just seem like a rustic and beautiful culture, so it`s making me feel a little poetic right now.

courtesy of Chinatoday
courtesy of Chinatoday

Downy drifts cast through the four winds

We hear our music and dance on

protected by our fire lit night

our people blithely dance on.

It`s difficult to write a poem, that illustrator of emotions, when I don`t have any personal connections to this group at all. But I see that they still have a tribe structure, and imagine they live day in and day out with all their extended family surrounding them, and I feel a little wistful. I hope you can be inspired as well.

courtesy of Chinatoday

Their culture is primarily nomadic, living in yurts and riding horses. An agrarian society based in the north of China and Mongolia, their diet is composed of meat and grains. Their clothes are freakin` amazin, and I`m dying of jealousy the more I write. Someday I`ll get to visit the region, and I`m sure I`ll come back mighty pleased. Probably not very tanned, though!


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