Month: October 2013


In distance is time, In time is pleasure, in waiting and thinking we find a great treasure. Patience is found in time, time is found in life, so we have to find our silly little reasons why. Why we keep trying, keep waiting, keep going. Why we always have hope of a future, never knowing

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The Fall Garden

        a lovely border, photo courtesy of Kramer tree dot com            As we creep through Autumn, those falling leaves become an ever thicker blanket on your pristine lawn. Rather than merely throwing them out, it may be worth considering switching your woodchips out for shredded leaves.             Woodchips are a staple in suburban landscaping,

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The pen that Hovers

Always doth my pen hover As I shelter from frightful weather. There I wait, A drop falls. Still my muse Refuses to call. How can I correct Spent ink all dried, How to perfect Thoughts I`d once surmised. No editing then, Shall be my modus operandi: Regardless of my perfectionist fears.

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           The Very Inspiring Blogger Award              It is a truth universally acknowledged that blog awards aren`t always fair. How else could such a lazy blogger as me have any awards while my really dedicated and high quality comrades walk around without any? Though, of course, everyone else who has

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