The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

             It is a truth universally acknowledged that blog awards aren`t always fair. How else could such a lazy blogger as me have any awards while my really dedicated and high quality comrades walk around without any? Though, of course, everyone else who has a blog award is super talented too. Maybe I`m just the exception that proves the rule.

            In any case, if you hadn`t guessed what this means, this post is caused by another of my lovely blogger friends getting more well deserved recognition and some of that love overflowing in my direction. That`s right, I have now received the Very Inspiring Blogger award! Kudos to SensitiveFlour for some well deserved recognition. And for being a great friend who wants to support me!


            No, seriously, it`s a great blog. Go there. Maybe come back here when you are done. But you should be going there now. And then perusing your garden or farmer`s market. Then, and only then, will it be the right time to come back here. Anyone else get the Math reference? No? Maybe because college math will almost never extend to real life. Grr, degree requirements! But I digress.

Here we can jump into the rules and regulations for this post.

The rules of the award are as follows:


1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.  I got a hole in one with the first paragraph!

2. Post the award image to your page. See above.

3. Share 7 facts about yourself. Hmmm. Here goes…

  • I`m a huge fan of antique cars. No, really, I only go to the St. Patrick`s day parade for the cars (and dancing and music, but let`s not detract from my statements
  • I actually have super sensitive hearing. Not in volume, but in range, so I can hear about two octaves above and four octaves below average human hearing. This sounds fun, but really it means that I get distracted by the noises from the computer and gas pipes and electric lines in a ‘silent room’.
  • It goes along with the last, but I get distracted very easily when I`m supposed to be listening to someone. It makes people think that I can`t hear well, but I really just can`t pay attention!
  • I love to go kayaking. I feel really in control and peaceful when I`m on a nice lake.
  • I actually hate canoes. They feel too big and open.
  • I`m agoraphobic. I hate open spaces. Naturally, my trip to Colorado in the Spring was occasionally colored by terrifyingly open areas!
  • I study Japanese, and when I graduate from college I plan to spend a few years as an English teacher in Japan. I like the idea of having someone pay for me to visit the world, and I like teaching, so it`s really a win-win situation.

And here are the people I think deserve a reward for all their hard work blogging. Of course, the number of bloggers out there who deserve a reward far exceeds fifteen people, and I`ll be sure to include some of those the next time I receive an award (assuming I do!); but in the meantime I hope you visit these blogs. There`s some really great artists in here!















As you can see, I`ve got a lot of different interests and types of blogs that I follow. Life is more fun that way! So, if you are thinking of branching out or just looking for a nice new (shiny!) blog to follow, look no further than this master list 🙂


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