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Existing Poetry Badges+Competitions in the Blogosphere

I like badges. They are shiny, and they make you feel good. Badges are those little things that say, “Yes, Ive done something with my blog. Its not just a personal journal or newspaper, it`s a place others go to read and to think.” What  a nice goal.

So I wanted some poetry badges. I once did a year where every word I said rhymed, and everything I wrote was in prose. And believe me, I wrote a lot! So I know a thing about poetry. Or free style. I really am bad at more structured poems like limericks or sonnets, though I have tried my hand at them. But that is rather besides the point.

The point is that there are a few sites and events that combine the wonderfulness of blog awards with the art of poetry.

May is 5 line poetry month

A poem every Tuesday at Tuesday Poem

Read Write Poem, which has no requirements for posting the badge

But this end up being more along the lines of poetry awareness and practice more than anything else. There must be something more. Something more, you know, award-ish.

Other Awards Available to Bloggers

Basically, unless you are featured on a poetry blog or best poets site, I couldnt find a single poetry writer award. Which is kind of a bummer. So, I figured that I had to research what else was available in the writers market. Cause Im assuming at least some of you guys are here because you like writing on your own blogs just as much as you like reading mine! Well. Actually, you probably like your own blog a little more. Not because of vanity or anything, just because its custom to your likes. While my blog is kind of made to match what I like. But we are both amazing writers anyways, and I think we deserve wider recognition. It feels way cool to have someone approve of your work instead of just freely writing on our blogs.

As far as that goes, there are a ton more competitions out there besides the basic ‘you have a good blog’ variety. (You know, like the very inspiring blogger award, the sunshine award, and the versatile blogger, among many others.) There are guidebooks and web sites dedicated to helping writers find different competitions and publishing opportunities, but those are based on a specific piece of work you write, and whether it makes it to publication or not. Another opportunity is to turn to the web and do these other competitions, most of which are based of seasons or genres.

Very Inspiring Poet Award and Rules

So yeah, there are poetry blog events, and they give you a memento badge for participating. But its not the same as a 'good blog' award, like the versatile blogger or inspired blogger award. Those are nice, but they arent for poems. I wanted to follow that sort of blueprint, but make it specific to the world of prose.

I know that, as my blog is not 100% poetry, I really couldnt make that a requirement. I didnt really want to, as I value a well rounded writer as much as the next person. (Or even if the next person prefers triangles, Im so well rounded myself that I couldnt imagine having a single topic blog!) Im fine with blogs that are totally poetry, too, though. Im flexible that way. So, after thinking of all of the possibilities, this is my finished set of rules.

Very Inspiring Poet Award

Rules of the game:

  • Write a post about the badge, being sure to also
  • Nominate 4 other bloggers for the award (Nominating isn`t like the real world. A nomination is winning the award, it doesn`t mean you are waiting to maybe win if the board agrees or something, you`ve just won it.)
  • Let those people know they`ve been nominated by posting a comment on their blog
  • Link back to this post or this blog, thegreatzambini
  • Link back to the nominator`s post or blog.
  • Put up a site badge for the award. Feel free to use some other image, just be sure it has the words and the proper links attached to it.
  • Write at least four poems a year (That`s one per season)

Wow, saying all of this stuff makes me feel bossy. I promise, if someone else had started this, I never would think they would nominate me! I dont think my poems are all that special, so I dont tend to post them very often. I don`t think I would deserve any poetry awards, I just want to give recognition to people that I do think deserve it!

So, who do I nominate to be the first winners of the award?

  1. http://cilliandervan.wordpress.com/
  2. http://writermoe.com/
  3. picaflor1968.wordpress.com
  4. http://itfd.wordpress.com/

Who would you nominate for the Very Inspiring Poet Award?


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  1. PS…..you are nominated. I like your blog and enjoy it. I have to come looking for it for some reason. I follow you and have WP noted to notify me of posts immediately. WP has been screwy lately.

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