Life as a Game Character

gamerI`ve been inspired by another writer`s devious idea.

What if life were a video game? How would you be classified as a character? I`ve thought about many random things in that space between sleeping and waking, but this seemed to be one of the most fascinating. Too bad it wasn`t my idea. My friend, Kathleen Wilkie, created the initial version of this, and gave me permission to run with it on my blog. So here it is, my own real life gamer profile.

Level: Classified. (Don`t wanna share my age!)

Class: Rank ten scholar. Rank eight mage. Rank two warrior.

(Mage means creative type to me here, and my warrior rank gains levels for being combatant in debating, not actual athletic ability.)

Character Race: Elf. Definitely elf.

Character traits: Luck 20/50, Charisma 37/50,

Health Stats (Hit Points): 80% at all times without a power up of extra sleep or a run.  Drops to 65% if I miss one of my bihourly meals. Berserker mode is activated if I miss several meals.

Accesories: Shield: extra height with weight shielding powers, gold ring with rhetoric efficiency increase of +20, smile with charisma boost +15.

Temporary Power Ups: Coffee is +200 HPs with 1 hour duration (twenty hour crash of -180 after wards). Sugar is +20 HPs for thirty minutes, -40 crash for one hour after.

Pet: Rabbit. As in there is a rabbit in my yard that I sometimes get to see.

What would your profile be like?


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