Nanowrimo (Not just a Tongue Twister)

pensI`ve decided to support my fellow Nanowrimo participants this week. Probably because I`m one of them. (Look forward to my book being published!) In case you did not know, that stands for National November Writing Month, where the goal is for each person to write 50,000 words by the end of the month. It`s actually a pretty big event among writers. After all, it`s one of the few opportunities for a solitary pursuit like writing to be enjoyed in a social setting if you choose to join a write in. It`s pretty colossally cool and widely participated in. That`s at least among Americans, though the program has international participation.

So, in support of this rather major event, I`ve decided to post a writing prompt to help you dig your way out of a writer`s block rut to greater and bigger word counts. You`re welcome. (:

What would your scene (that you are presumably struggling to write) be like if you protagonist or antagonist were acting oddly? Like they had a ton of coffee or tried some wine or something. How would that change things?

Please share a line or a word count!

If you aren`t participating, feel free to say whatever is on your mind. The more the merrier!



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