Month: December 2013

Blogging Birthday

Today, as well as being New Years Eve, is also my Blogs Birthday! Its been a whole year. I dont even know where to begin. Im so lucky to have met all of you lovely people. Im glad weve struggled through our blogs identities, changing writing styles and tones, exploring new blog formats and types

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Merry Christmas!

Whether you`ve decked out in holly and are feeling quite jolly, Or you find that this is a troublesome day; Whether your heart is light and merry or your feelings are now contrary I hope you`ve had a beautiful day. For the Christmas night is nearing, and we`re leaving all the giving so endearing, and

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Food Adventures: Korean

You all may remember that Im a huge fan of Asian food. Ive Tweeted reviews on a Thai restaurant, made a strawberry balsamic twist on Summer rolls, and in general been a huge fan of Asian food. I mean, I even take Japanese as my language, though it takes a lot of studying and I`m

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Snow. Drifting, Falling. Twists and turns, leaps and bounds, snow balls whizzing through the air. Winter. Snow takes you there. And when it is cold, And the fire is cozy, And your family surrounds you, and the world is bare, silent. Honest and comforting. Its the snow that takes you there. Its the snow that

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