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Blogging Birthday

Today, as well as being New Years Eve, is also my Blogs Birthday! Its been a whole year. I dont even know where to begin.

Im so lucky to have met all of you lovely people. Im glad weve struggled through our blogs identities, changing writing styles and tones, exploring new blog formats and types of posts. Finding amazing bloggers and then losing them. Then gathering them up again at the end of the year in my own personal bloggers directory so I don`t lose track of people again. Or is that last bit only me?

Regardless, I am so happy to have gone through these highs and lows with you all. Im so glad for all the support Ive gotten, and I would have quit by now without your encouragement and love. Im glad you were patient through frequent writing breaks, and Im glad you kept coming back despite my poor return comment habits. Im glad I met you guys, and I hope to see you in person sometime in the future, because I know wed have a blast.

Happy Birthday, blog, as we meet the year twenty fourteen head on.

from Deviant Art

Because red pandas are really cute, this is my blog`s birthday present!

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