Month: January 2014

In The Night

I thought I’d do a sequel to an earlier post, Night Lights. My experiment with distorted night views proved oddly popular, so I thought I’d bring some more out of my archives 🙂 I thought this had some of the energy and fun of a highway at night. Intersections can be chaotic, but I’ve always

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Burqa Know How

   The burqa. Its related to headscarves and early sun lotion, and seems to be the enemy of women everywhere. Many Americans upon first seeing or hearing about this article of clothing jump to all kinds of conclusions. They think its about suppression. They think its chauvinists beating their views into their subdued womenfolk. They

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A Lovely Community

One Lovely Blog Award I received the One Lovely Blog award from Ajaytao 2010. I`m so honored to have so many friends in this community! Here is my second award (gained in a single week!) The rules? Easy peasy. All you have to do is show the blog picture in the post, link to your

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Night Lights

I thought you might like these photos. I took them at night, without adding any stabilizing. This is what the world looks like to me when I take off my glasses. This one looks like a congress of old men, doesn’t it? All lined up and sitting in their chairs. It’s all out of focus,

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Living Efficiently

With a combined interest in cutting our carbon footprint and cutting our costs, many urbanites and young adults are turning to micro apartments. This allows you to live in a high cost region, like a college dorm or the middle of downtown, without costing nearly as much as a regular apartment, and might be just

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New Year`s

This past year has been a whirlwind. Weve seen Miley naked (not too shocking considering its Hollywood), seen a Hobbit movie that didnt really suck too much, and fallen in hate with the latest version of Windows, which they eventually made a little less obnoxious- if you click <a href=””>here</a> to download the upgrade to

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